Football Fun-NFL Tycoon

Hello there football lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with something I never thought we would have on Roblox, and official NFL experience. Like an official-official experience, that is made by people who aren’t going to get sued by the NFL for making an NFL experience. This experience is, of course, NFL Tycoon, by Melon Dev. So, with this being an official NFL experience by a large studio of professionals you would expect the wood grain here to be great, with no flaws at all, and this blog post should be nice and short and won’t allow me to find three two of bad wood grain without leaving the initial spawn area.

Well, that is true, because I didn’t find two examples of bad wood grain by the spawn area, but three. The most glaring example being this bench.

So, where do I even start with this bench. Well, the good news is the horizontal support under the seat is correct. The seat itself isn’t correct, with the football-shaped seat slats having wood grain that goes from the back of the bench instead of going along with width of the bench, like the horizontal support under it. Besides that, the vertical support on the bench is also incorrect, but I’m just going to leave that alone for a second.

Next up in the spawn area is this large wooden trim along some concrete… stuff? Seats maybe. Anyway, the ends for the wood grain on these planks is incorrect, instead of having horizontal wood grain the wood grain should be vertical so that the gaps in the planks on the end of the board match the gaps on the top of the board.

Moving onto the third example of bad wood grain in the spawn area are the legs on the tables. This is the same issue as with the supports on the bench, with the legs having horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.

As an example of what the wood grain should look like, here is an example of a leg with proper wood grain from my 2021 Advent Calendar.

Understand it? Got it? Good. Now here are some rapid-fire examples of things with improper wood grain on their legs throughout the game, starting with this table.

And then this other table. And also these stools

And then this interior table, which is reused a bunch in the stadiums as well as a placeable item in your games.

On this recliner by a pool.

And on this outside chest thing.

And I think that covers most of the improper legs across the map. I mean, there are more examples, but there are all just examples of the above assets that are simply reused. If I were to post each one of them individually, these blog post would be nothing but 200 images of poorly made tables in the spawn area alone. So, with the legs taken care of, lets move onto other examples of bad wood grain, such as the bad wood grain on the doors in the destruction house area. Or not the door specifically, but the trim around the door. Much like the legs, the issue here is that the wood grain is horizontal instead of the proper vertical orientation. Besides for the horizontal pieces of wood, which have vertical wood grain instead of horizontal wood grain.

Moving inside to the actual destruction house, one of the most egregious examples of bad wood grain is on the painting frames around the house. Here, the wood grain is correct on the top of the frame, and the bottom, however the front face on the sides is incorrect, with horizontal wood grain instead of vertical grain. This is due to the entire frame being a single union, but the fact most of the grain is correct and just one face is off makes it even more annoying for me.

Continuing on with frames that have bad wood grain, the mirrors inside the house have the same issue, only it is worse since the front and side faces of the vertical support all have improper wood grain. So even though the wood grain is worse overall, I think it looks slightly better. Or atleast a bit less annoying. Still not good and should be fixed.

Continuing on through the house, the next issue is with these building blocks. The square and wedge blocks are OK, the issue is with (some) of the rectangular blocks and the cylinder blocks. Somehow, the horizontal rectangular blocks have bad wood grain, but the vertical ones have bad wood grain. I’m not sure how this is possible since they should just be the same parts rotated and slightly resized, but it happened. Even more complexing is how the cylinders have bad wood grain. These must be some custom CSG or mesh parts since default Roblox cylinders have proper wood grain, but that raises the question, why not just use the default cylinder.

Right behind this tower of random blocks is a desk that has improper wood grain. While it technically isn’t a leg like all the above examples, the issue is basically the same with the vertical support pieces having horizontal wood grain instead of vertical grain. This is due to the entire part being a single union/mesh, but still, it looks bad and is physically impossible.

Moving in from the destruction house and to the main meat, and actual tycoon part, of the experience, is the buyable stands. The first example is on in the coffee stand, which had improper wood grain on the vertical supports of these shelves, along with the supports for the sign. Much like the legs above, which grain just needs to be flipped so that it is vertical instead of horizontal.

Next up is an issue with the game tickets stand. Here, the wood grain on the top sides of the stand is incorrect. The wood grain on the very side should go from the front to the back of the stand. Normally I would say this grain just needs to be rotate blah blah blah, but in this case it is a mesh, so this is easy to fix in whatever 3D modeling program the model was made in at absolutely no performance cost.

Even worse, when looking at it from the sides, you can see the correct wood grain on the side faces, but the bad wood grain on the top face, again making it even more noticable.

And with that, I believe this review is done. There may be some more improper wood grain in some of the higher-tier stadium upgrades, but I reached the point where it takes several hours to get each new upgrade, so if I want this review out this week I can’t get to those. So, how was the wood grain? Well, overall it was pretty bad. Sure, there were some examples of bad wood grain, such as the stairs and the stair railing in the destruction house.

I just really love the color of this wood. That is the only reason I forced this image into the review.

But the good wood grain in these places just makes all of the bad wood grain all the more noticeable when they are right next to each other. Additionally, it just proves that some of the devs know how to make proper wood grain, and it is just a QA issue that the bad wood grain was allowed to be added to the game. So overall, it is very bad, and hopefully as the game continues to be upgrade the grain is one of the things that also gets fixed.

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