Cat Games-raise a floppa

Hello there caracal lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with a look at a recently relevant game for the first time in like a year with raise a floppa by FLOPPA#1. For those of you wondering what is a floppa, how do you raise it, or any of the other dozens if questions you will ask while looking through this review, my advice is to just play the game and I can’t really explain what the game is about in anything that isn’t just even worse word vomit than what I usually write, and the game is fairly forgiving as far as grinding games go and you can probably beat in in 2-3 hours and enjoy the ride. But enough about the game, how is the wood grain in the game?

Well, it is enough to make a floppa cry. Starting off with the simple stuff, this sign from the traveling merchant, it has bad wood grain on the sign post. I feel almost tired of repeating this point, but the grain on any vertical support should be vertical, going from the top to the bottom of the post, now horizontal, almost wrapping around the post.

Next up in the game is yet some more improper wood grain on a vertical post featuring this mail box. The issue here is the same as above, and the fix is the same as above.

Next up is more bad vertical wood grain, this time with bad wood grain on the doge house right outside of floppa’s house.

And then more improper wood grain on these sign posts at the sword/fishing pole shop.

Andon the fence posts at the perfectly legitimate catnip farm.

And on these chair legs and back supports.

And on these crates.

But despite all of these examples all having improper vertical wood grain, the horizontal wood grain is all correct. Why? Well, probably because the models were either originally not made with wood grain and converted later, or the wood grain was entirely ignored. For those of you non devs there, when you make objects by moving and resizing bricks instead of moving and rotating them, the wood grain gets entirely screwed up as the building progresses. Let me just show you a quick example of this, and then we will get by to floppa.

Let’s say you open studio, insert a brick, and want to make a 1x1x6 stud post with a 1x1x6 beam on top of it. The first step is to then insert a brick.

However, you then have to decide if you will make the rest of the structure by resizing, or rotating. For resizing, you first turn the brick into a 1x1x1 brick.

And then extend it upwards.

Then you more than likely copy the previous brick.

Resize it back down to 1x1x1.

And then extend it out to create a beam.

And this looks well and good until you convert it to wood, when suddenly the beam looks correct, but the support is now wrong.

The alternative way to make this, via rotation, will fix the problem. After inserting a brick the first step is to make it wood, to allow you to make sure you are rotating it in the correct direction.

Next you resize the brick to 1x1x4.

Then rotate it vertically and extend it a bit.

Next you copy the vertical piece.

And then rotate and move it in place and there you have it, a vertical post with a horizontal beam with correct wood grain.

Of course I am not saying that the second method is better for building anything over the first method, just that I believe the first method was used and then the wood grain was not fixed either manually or with the part flip plugin, and that is why all the vertical wood grain above is wrong, while the horizontal wood grain is correct. Unforantetly, this still means all the above wood grain in raise a floppa is incorrect. Even more unfortunately is that other parts of the game were not built this way. Take this door, for example. The vertical frame is incorrect, however the vertical door is correct enough. I mean, the door could be better, but I always went on one 13 image tangent in this post, now is not the time for a second one.

Another example is on this ladder, that has bad wood grain on both the side rails and rungs.

And that was most of the bad wood grain and raise a floppa. Not a bunch, but considering how relatively small the main area of the same is, the bad wood grain was very hard to miss. Honestly, it really destroyed what was a generally fun and unique game for me, although your mileage may vary on that if the only thing you look for while playing games.

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