Welcome To The Jungle-2018 Egg Hunt Part 13

Hello there egg hunters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for yet another look at the 2018 Egg Hunt, The Great Yolktales, by Fifteam. For those of you that are new here, yes, I really have been reviewing wood grain since atleast 2018, and yes, I really am making a part 13 to a review for an egg hunt game from 2018. Today I am looking specifically at world 4 of the game, Ruins of Wookong, and for those of you who are new here, yes, I did really make 12 reviews of just the first 3 worlds of the game. Anyway, with the introduction over, how is the wood grain in this level?

Not very good, hence why I am on part 13 of this review.

The first issue that I want to address in this world is on the vertical supports for the numerous suspension bridges dotted around the map. The supports should have vertical wood grain, going from the bottom of the post up to the top of the post. However, instead of having vertical wood grain, they have horizontal wood grain wrapping around the post. One some faces. You see, the wood grain on these post is actually mixed, so it is wrong on some faces but correct on other faces, which makes the wood grain entirely wrong for the whole part.

Continuing the theme of mixed wood grain on parts, these spikes at the village also have a mixed, and improper, wood grain. The grain here should be purely vertical on all faces, however it has a mix of vertical and horizontal grain depending on which face you look at. Unlike the bridge supports, this wood grain is probably quite a bit harder to fix as the spike is most likely a union, but even with it being a union it is now impossible to fix.

One last example of mixed wood grain in this world is something that I don’t mention much but I feel should be talked about here, and that is tree bark. You see, even though tree bark is technically wood, the texture on tree bark is completely different than how wood grain works on wood inside of the tree. Basically, as a tree grows, it always maintains the same wood grain direction around the trunk/branch, so if the bark has a vertical texture when growing vertical, when a branch starts growing horizontal the bark will follow the direction of the branch and also be horizontal. The reason I am bringing this up is because on the trees, many of the tree trunks have horizontal wood grain like this.

But then when the tree branches off it has the same wood grain texture on vertical and horizontal branches, which is wrong.

Moving on from something that is hard for most devs to grasp like wood grain how trees grow and to something else that is hard to grasp is the end grain on these wooden planks. Overall these wooden planks have perfect wood grain, however the issue with them comes from the end texture of the planks. If you are unaware, wooden planks have a black line on their texture that makes it so they look like planks instead of a solid piece of wood. However, this only works if the seam on the top/bottom of these planks lines up with the seam on the end of the planks, but as you can clearly the end texture does not have any black seam to connect the seams from the bottom and top of the planks.

This small stand in the jungle is a good example of what the end texture should look like when the seam on the end texture matches with the seam on the top/bottom of the part. Although in this case I have some minor issues with the lack of supports under the wooden planks, that is a building style issue, not a basic wood grain issue, and I will mostly ignore it for now.

Next up is a bunch of examples of improper wood grain that is easier to understand, the wood grain on the front face of this monkey treehouse is messed up. It is a bit hard to see due to the fact this specific portion of the map is really washed out color wise for some reason, but the center part of the front face is a vertical support beam for a window. However, it does not have vertical wood grain. It has horizontal wood grain. Normally this is an easy fix but as I think the entire front face of this treehouse is a single union, it is a bit harder to fix, especially when you consider that by fixing the central vertical support the even more hidden horizontal supports will break. Honestly, the best option would just be to separate this union entirely.

Next up is something that that is easy to identify as being wrong in the planks that make up the boards on this barrel. Simply put, the wood grain on these barrels should go from the base of the barrel to the top of the barrel. One issue that may make this a bit difficult is the fact the boards are a bit curved because that is how barrels work and likely indicates these parts are unions, but as mentioned before, even if they are unions it should be a fairly quick issue to fix.

However, something that should be easier to fix is these buckets. Much like the barrel above, the proper wood grain orientation for the sides of the bucket should be from the bottom of the bucket without a hole, to the top of the bucket with a hole, and yes, I really did feel the need to include what the top of a bucket is since I have so little faith in most of you. Anyway, this also involved messing with a CSG union to fix wood grain, however unlike the barrel the sides of the bucket are straight, so that should make it a bit easier to work with.

Next up in this map is this small gong stand that has vertical supports. Seeing as the supports are vertical, the wood grain on these supports also should be vertical, however, the grain on the vertical supports is horizontal. Since I don’t see any reason that a simple vertical post would ever be made with CSG I would imagine this would be an easy fix, but who knows, builders have surprised me before.

Another fairly easy issue I saw in the game was with this small sign. You see, the sign is mounted horizontally so, if the wood is horizontal, that means the wood grain should also be horizontal. One really odd this with this sign, however, is that if you look closely at the top of the sign it has a cylinder added to it create a bevel. If you then look at the bottom of the sign you will see the same cylinder to make a bevel, and if you look at the side if the sign you see no texture clipping, meaning the sign is most likely a union. For those of you who don’t know how cylinder work, they basically always have proper wood grain because they are basically tree branches. In addition, how unions work on Roblox is that the finished model has the general orientation of the first part selected when you go to make a union, which then dictates how the wood grain will go. What I am trying to say is that when making this sign union, they had a 66.6666% chance at random of selecting a brick first when creating the union that would result in the union having a proper wood grain orientation, and they chose the wrong one.

Next up is the last piece of wood grain in the world is these crates by this merchant, along with the table legs under their table. I am going to start with the table leg first in case I do go on a massive rant over the crates, but it should just have vertical wood grain instead of vertical wood grain. Ok, crate rant time, but the issue with the crates is that it appears to be a single union with different colors for the inner planks and outer supports. The issue here is that the wood outer frame has vertical wood for the vertical parts, horizontal wood for the horizontal parts, and diagonal wood grain for the cross members. This is an issue as each face can only have horizontal or vertical wood grain, so you can’t have vertical and horizontal wood grain on one face, the fact that diagonal grain isn’t even possible. There are several ways you could recreate the crate so it does have proper wood grain, including separate parts, decals, and meshes, but doing a step-by-step for all of those those would be a bit much for this blog post, so I’m going to just leave it at the crates are bad.

And with the crate rant being over, that is the end of the review for this world. And just to reiterate it, even though this is part 13 of this review, the review is not over yet, because there are more parts to review. I can say with a fairly high degree amount of certainty that I am well past the half way point in the review for the egg hunt, but by my count that are at least four to five parts of this review left. So until next year, happy Easter, and please make your games better so I don’t have to do a 13 part review on your game.

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