WoodReviewer’s 2022 Advent Calendar Day 25

Hello there Christmas lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with the final day of my 2022 Advent Calendar, Day 25. Once again another year passes, and once again despite my best attempts to show you as much proper wood grain as I can everyone continues to ask me for more examples. Have you not figures out the gifts in these calendars are not the gifts themselves, but how the gifts show you how wood grain works? And what is my last example of proper wood grain this year?

Why a dinning room table and chair set.

Yes, I am aware that a few days ago I did give out a chair, but these chairs are different. Plus them come with the added bonus of an actual table. Plus as an added bonus over most of the previous tables I’ve featured in my advent calendars, this one actually looks decent, with some bonus colored trim on the table stop.

The chairs themselves are chairs and aside for some CSG stuff to allow the arms and seat to better fit in the legs, there isn’t much to say about them, although they do look nice. The table is also fairly basic, but large, with the normal table seating roughly eight people, but the extended table with the two table leaves extending the seating to twelve people.

The leaves fit right into the end of the table, and are held in place with just plain friction. Not as overcomplicated as my table last year, but on the other hand it also isn’t as overcomplicated as my table last year.

And that is all for this year’s advent calendar. Sorry if the last gift isn’t as self-aggrandizing as my previous gifts, but I feel that the spinning 40 stud tall WoodReviewer head I put on top of the advent calendar this year was enough.

What, you didn’t know the head on top spun? Oh, well it spins. You should really take a copy of the model and insert it in studio to watch it spin. Go on, watch it, I’m not going to post a video of it, the advent calendar is over for this year so there is nothing to do but test it and watch it spin.

Go do it.

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