Want to go Skateboards-Skate Park

Hello there Zeke and Luther fans, WoodReviewer here to take a look at a genre of game that basically only exists because Roblox needed money back in 2009, skateboarding, with one of the most popular games currently in that genre, Skate Park by Skate Central. Or Retro Shrimp. Or Starmarine614. I mean after 14 years of being on the site I do understand ownership structures can get a bit complicated, but I feel like if you can understand this ownership structure you should be able to understand wood grain just fine.

Wait, never mind, I guess it is true that they teach business at most colleges and not wood grain.

The first major example of improper wood grain I noticed in the game was at the main skate park hub world, which had these benches that have the grain going from the front to the back of the bench, instead along the width of the bench from one side to the other.

This same issue was also seen on this slightly different bench, with just the back piece being incorrect. Not because they fixed the grain on the seat, but just because the seat is now plastic.

Moving on, a similar issue is also seen on the picnic tables in the same world, although the tables are arguably worse because on them the top face has the correct wood grain, while the side faces facing the camera have the incorrect wood grain.

Moving on to some non-seating based wood grain issues, the next serious offense I saw was with this little jump landing area. Thing. I’m sure there is name for it but every time I have ever gotten near a skateboard either someone has gotten hurt or I broke something, and if you were to skate on this piece of wood something would likely break and you’d also likely get hurt as the grain should follow the board length wise. Granted I could probably give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is just plywood so it is OK, but most plywood sheets have proper wood grain on the outer faces anyway for aesthetic reasons, so no benefit given.

Besides, even if I gave them that jump then there is no excuse for this trash can. It is literally trash. At first I though it was because the pieces were unions but no, they are just individual wooden bricks, so there is literally no reason for it to be that bad.

Moving on from one piece of trash to another, the railing on the pier at one of the maps has some bad wood grain. The issue here is much like with the benches, the grain should connect the posts for the railing, not go vertically like the posts, otherwise the railings will easily snap as people skate into them at full speed if they are like me and are absolutely terrible at grinding on stuff.

Speaking of being terrible, there are a few more examples of some terrible wood grain around the shops of the map, such as the sides of this dog house having wood grain that wraps around the house instead of being vertical.

And the windows on this skate shop just being a mess, with the entire window segment being a bunch of unions or meshes with horizontal wood grain across the entire window segment, even for the pieces that should have vertical grain.

So, how is the wood grain in Skate Park? Not good. Very not good. The worst part of it is probably the picnic bench, which has bad wood grain on some faces but not others, but besides that most of the wood grain is all facing the wrong way, with the one positive being some wooden pallets with a custom texture that look decent, however I didn’t take a screenshot of them and really don’t feel like going back in-game right now to get a picture since I am basically done with this review and have other things to do, so please just trust me on this one positive part of the game after bashing it for several hundred words.

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