Columbo Simulator 2023- Courtroom Shenanigans

Hello there fellow kids whose fathers made them watch a 30 year old TV show as a kid that somehow still had new episodes coming out, WoodReviewer here with a quick look at Courtroom Shenanigans by rayraydog. For those of you who enjoy the normal word vomit of my reviews, firstly what is wrong with you, secondly this is going to be a very short review compared to most of my reviews due to the fact this entire experience is a single room, and due to some unknown illness I’ve had all week I couldn’t be bothered to come up with some unique way to do this review, so enjoy this nice and abbreviated review.

The most obvious and numerous example of improper wood grain in this courtroom. These chairs have improper wood grain on their vertical back supports and on their chair legs.

Here is a close up on the chair legs, along with some bonus bad wood grain on the massive wooden beam going down the center of the courtroom.

Here is a look at some more of these chairs, this time in the jury area.

Lastly, there is this table and the wall separating the audience from the trial members. Both these should have horizontal wood grain instead of the vertical wood grain they have.

And that is the review. Is it short? Yes. Is the game small? Also yes. Is the wood grain good? Not at all. Could I pad out this review with a bunch more text to make it longer for no real reason since I don’t monetize this site in any way? Yes, but I really don’t feel like doing that right now.

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