Three Minute Wait- Microwave Dinner

Hello there midnight snackers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with a brand new game that most of you have probably never heard of, Microwave Dinner by the Microwave Dinner team. Microwave Dinner is a unique game, in that you play as a sentient microwave that can transform into a unicycle that can drive on water. This is a very unique game, and also fairly risky as despite the fact that platforming games on Roblox can be fun to play, they tend to not perform too well due to user retention and monetization issues. However I am not here to talk about those issues, just issues relating to wood grain, and with how unique Microwave Dinner is I really hope I can give it a good review to possibly help boost it up.

Unfortunately for the devs I do not let my emotions sway me and the wood grain in Microwave Dinner is truly dreadful. For my first example, look at this picnic table. This picnic table is made out of wooden planks, so that is what the large lines represent, but they still represent the overall wood grain. Anyway, for the table itself I am going to ignore because it is close enough to a square, however the bench of clearly bad wood grain. The top face should go from one side of the seat to the other, instead of going from the front to the back.

Next up is another example of improper wood grain with the wooden planks, this time on a ramp to a boat. Here the issue with the end grain for the planks, where the lines on the end grain of the planks should line up with the lines on the top of the planks. I know most people have trouble with the end grain for wooden planks, but once you notice it you will never be able to ignore it.

Another example of improper wood grain is on the legs for this sign holder. This is a simple issue where the post that hold up the sign should have vertical wood grain the connects the floor to the sign, however instead of being vertical the posts has horizontal wood grain.

Next up is more of the same with and improper vertical post, this time on a fenced wall. It is a bit harder to see because of the darker notion of the wood and the fact it is in a shadow, but trust me, the fence posts have horizontal wood grain but much like the sign it should have vertical wood grain.

The last piece of bad wood grain featuring this wooden plank texture on a boat. The issue with the boat is that the top face is incorrect, and really it should be curved around the side of the boat, or atleast going from front to back to simulate a dug out canoe. In addition to the boat, the dock behind boat should have the side grain rotated so the lines on the top of the dock should match with the side of the dock.

Next up is some wood grain that isn’t the wooden plank grain from above, but is another example of some custom wood grain, but not planks. The issue is with the back support for this sign. It should have vertical wood grain going from the floor up to the top of the sign, however instead of that the posts have some weird diagonal wood grain instead. I’m not sure why the wood grain is at this weird angle, but it should get fixed.

“But WoodReviewer, this isn’t real wood grain, how can you really say the wood grain works the same.” Well, for one there are several examples of that custom wood grain that do have proper wood grain, such as the rails for the fences, but in addition the game does have some real wood grain in it, mainly in the dresser in the main lobby. And guess what? The wood grain here is bad, with the legs having bad horizontal grain instead of the proper vertical grain.

And with that small piece of real wood grain wood grain my review of Microwave Dinner is done. Overall it was really not good, which is disappointing since to even attempt to make a platformer on Roblox is a passion of Roblox, and ad someone who has a passion for proper wood grain I can understand how disheartening it can be to not see any games to your standard on Roblox. Hopefully with a few more updates Microwave Dinner can eventually get up to my standards one day.

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