Listen to the Man with a Dynamite Stick- Destroy a City

Hello fellow elder members of Roblox who use to play Roblox games because it was legitimately one of the best destruction sandboxes out there, WoodReviewer here to take a look at a game that harkens back to the good old days of Roblox where the top game on the entire site was just blowing up massive Simpson’s characters with Destroy a City by SurfaceGlue. I found Destroy a City a few months ago, but for reasons I just never did a review on it, but after being under a bit of stress the last few weeks I decided to find it again because nothing relieve stress quite as well as chopping wood, and seeing as I cut all of my wood up in the fall, blowing up pixels will have to suffice until another tree comes down. So, how was the wood grain in my second favorite stress relief?

Well, not good. Let’s start out in the city hall, which had this quite simply terrible desk. I mean, it is just off in every way; the desk top has wood grain going from the front to the top of the desk instead of stretching between the legs, and the legs themselves are terrible with horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.

Moving on through the city hall, the next issue I noticed was in the frame around the bloxxer logo. The vertical segments on this frame should have vertical wood grain, however they have horizontal wood grain instead. Yes, I know I am starting to sound like a broken record about this, but after 8 years I am truly starting to run out of new ways to phrase this.

Next up is a bit away from the city hall in a hotel room, and it is this dresser thing. Honestly, I think it is just a simple door texture that was reused to make the dresser work, but regardless, the wood grain on this dresser is wrong.

Moving to the dining area of the hotel, the issues here were again due to improper wood grain on horizontal parts, mainly the chair legs, table legs, and the chair backs. Again, not really sure what to add to this.

Aside from the fact that the chairs and tables in the restaurant had the same issues, despite the fact they were different assets. While the base assets were probably the same, the table legs appear much thicker in the actual restaurant, and the chair backs are clearly a different design.

The last issue I want to bring up in Destroy a City is this scaffolding. The issue here isn’t with the wood grain not being vertical or horizontal, but rather that it should be diagonal, in that it follows the longest face of the board. In this case the grain would go from the top floor diagonally down to the lower floor.

And that was most of the bad wood grain I saw in Destroy a City. There may have been a bit more here and there, but honestly this review is long enough as is that I probably don’t need to go through every single issue with the game. So, was the wood grain good? No, not at all. The one good thing about the wood grain is that I was able to blow most of it up, so that is a small win atleast.

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