Hidden Frogs- Rainy Vibes

Hello there rain lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take a look at Rainy Vibes by YasuYoshida. Now I am sure some of you are confused over what Rainy Vibes is, and through my hour or so of playing it, my best guess is that it is some type of combination between an old style hangout game with some showcase elements mixed in. While it is true that I haven’t reviewed many hangout games in the past, I have reviewed plenty of showcase before, and based on that my expectations of Rainy Vibes could not be any lower. So, will this game live down to my expectations, or will it somehow be even lower?

I mean, as far as showcases go it isn’t that bad. Still below the level I consider to be acceptable, but this blog will be fairly short compared to most of my reviews, so good job I guess.

Let’s start off with these fences that surround the map. The first issue with them is the posts, which should have vertical wood grain, but instead it has horizontal wood grain instead. In addition to the bad wood grain on the posts, the fence rails also have bad wood grain, but only on the top and bottom faces, the front faces themselves are fine.

Next up around the map is this door. This door is reused several times around the map, and each version of it is just terrible. First, the door is made of vertical planks, however those vertical planks have horizontal wood grain. Next, the door frame also is vertical, but like the main door it has horizontal wood grain. Lastly, the window in the door is all horizontal grain, while the vertical parts of the window should have vertical grain.

Moving on, the next issue I saw was in this sandpit at the children’s play area. The sand in the play area is kept in by these long wooden beams, however all of these beams have horizontal wood grain that wraps around them, rather than going from the top of the beam to the bottom. Normally this would be a simple texture flip to fix, however these beams appear to be meshes of some type, so good luck fixing them.

The next bit of bad wood grain I found was in this log cabin. Surprisingly, most of the cabin itself had proper wood grain. This chair, however, is full of improper wood grain for the chair legs and main support for the backrest.

Moving back outside, the next example of bad wood grain I saw was on the main support beams for this dock. I know I might be repeating myself by this point, but the vertical posts should have vertical wood grain, not horizontal wood grain. Honestly, I am really running out of different ways to say this by this point, but apparently it is just that difficult for people to understand.

The last example of bad wood grain I want to take note of is this picnic table. You see, unlike most of the other examples of bad wood grain here that are due to improper vertical wood grain on vertical posts, this table has improper wood grain due to the end grain on the wooden planks. You see, the grain end grain should have vertical lines that match up with the lines on the top/bottom of the board, giving the appearance that the gap in the wood continues through the side. This bench lacks that on the table and bench seating, so it just looks odd.

And with that my review of Rainy Vibes is complete. Is it a place that I would like to vibe in? No. Seeing bad wood grain makes me irrationally angry and bitter, if you couldn’t tell by the seven years of blog posts I’ve made complaining about it in games. Is the wood grain good? No, read the above answer. Do I have a good way to end this review? Also no.

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