What Do I Want?

Perfect wood grain!

When do I want it?

When it is convenient. I’ve already waited for 5 years.

What do I look for?

Wood grain. Duh. I’d hope you’d have guessed that by now. What do I mean by that? Well, wood grain should always go the long. Look at the following pieces of wood. Wood Length.png

The top piece is proper. The wood grain goes left to right, following the longest length of wood. On the bottom the wood grain goes up to down, following the shorter length. However, it is not just that. All 4 sides of the main length should follow that pattern. Look at the following image

Wood Length 2.png

One side follows the wood length rule, one side doesn’t. So while the wood has 50% of the correct textures, 50% is less than 70%, which is passing. And the textures are the same on the opposite side of the wood, so if one side is wrong so is a second. And if two sides are off, you get 50%. And 50% means you suck and should feel bad.

Remember, the key point is that the wood grain looks correct. That is a judgement call per piece of wood, and I will explain what see when I see it.


Some people believe this site is focused on nitpicking. That is fair enough. However, even I draw the line in some places, and this is to help explain what I will look at in places, and what I will mostly ignore. The first is texture errors on ROBLOX’s part. The most noticeable is the fact that, for some reason, the wood planks texture starts with a sliver of a wood plank. It seems to occur randomly, and without copying/pasting the brick multiple times it does not go away.

Wood Plank Edge

Also related to wooden planks is the fact that on beams they still look like wooden planks. Of course, real beams don’t have that. But if you have a mostly wooden plank build regular wood looks out of place. There just isn’t anything you can do if you want the deeper wood grain of wooden planks but don’t want to use the regular wood texture in a place. As you can see in the example, both beams look vastly different.

Wood Plank Beam

The last issue with wooden planks is the fact the edge is wrong. What do I mean? Normally, at the edge of a floor there are a bunch short edges from the end of the planks. That creates an odd look where it looks like one piece of wood is multiple planks. There is nothing a user can do about this; it is a ROBLOX issue.

Wood Plank Edges.png

My main thing I will overlook is minor issues with CSG. For those who don’t know, CSG is the ROBLOX way to merge multiple bricks together. ROBLOX does really, really weird things to textures with CSG, which is why I’ll overlook stuff. HOWEVER, that is only to do what is impossible without CSG. For example, a wooden statue. If CSG is just used to reduce brick count and that causes the wood grain to be off, no mercy.

Unfortunately, I can’t show any examples of this. CSG is very fickle, so to get it to work I need to sacrifice a baby goat. And it is currently February, so baby goats are on the low side until mid-May in my area. So no goats, no CSG, no examples. Sorry.

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