1. Why are you doing a Q&A?

My review for today wasn’t done and I want to feel special by having 3 posts a week. Also people keep asking the same questions over and over.

2. Does wood grain really matter?

In real life? Yes. On ROBLOX? Yes. It looks ugly.

3. What is good wood grain?


4. What are you other accounts?





5. Any others?

No. May change at a later date though.

6. Can you review X place?

Eventually. I have a 9 year backlog on places. Just doing ROBLOX Murder clones should keep me busy until mid-June. Yes, I know, do Lumber Tycoon, but I want to actually inspect the place, which means I need to build a good lumber mill, which will take several hour over a few days.

7. Is this a joke? Parody account?

No, not a joke, and a parody of what?

8. How long will you do this?

Either until I can’t or a vast majority of new places have proper wood grain. Then I’ll wind the account down or leave it. I have no intentions of keeping the account around to either push issues unrelated to wood grain or promote other stuff.

9. Are you making money off of this?

No. As of now it is actually costing me money and time. For example, woodreviewerrbx.com is an actual site I pay money for.

10. Anything else?

Probably. I will add to this as people ask me more questions a lot and/or other info changes.


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