Hanging out with the Cool Kidz- The Plaza Beta

Hello gals and guys, cats and dogs, boats and cars, WoodReviewer here with a list of three things that people tend to list together but tend to not list the items in alphabetical order for some reason. Today I am going to be looking at The Plaza “Beta” by Widgeon. I say “Beta” because realistically all games on ROBLOX are in a continual state beta state with updates and changes, so calling something a beta just so people can say “it’s beta, it’s not finished” in regards to stuff being broken is annoying. If it is at the front page and accepting payments, I consider the game to be fair game. Anyways, now that I’m done nitpicking the use of calling a game beta and how to alphabetize lists lets move on to nitpicking the use of wood grain.


First and foremost, I’d like to dispel the rumor that game devs don’t know how wood grain works. This sign was one of the first things I saw when I entered the game, and the horizontal planks holding the signs and the vertical pole are both correct.


Secondly, I’d like to dismiss the idea that game devs don’t know how wood grain should be places. Looking at this tree, just like in Work at a Pizza Place, the wood grain is used as bark in a way that looks ok. At this point, batting 2/2 on wood grain, I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything to complain about.


Thirdly, I’d like to ignore the rumor that game devs don’t know how wood grain works. I’d like to, but this stool proves otherwise. The legs have the wood grain going the wrong way. This is a common them in the Plaza.


Bunk beds

Table and chair

Chairs and tables. All without the proper support. A small over sight? Probably. But the fact that they got some wood grain right on the signs helps to dispel the rumor that the devs don’t know what they’re doing, but rather don’t care. To fix the chairs is a 30 second fix. Tables, about the same. Bunk bed maybe 35. The CSG chair in the picture with the best probably closer to 5 minutes due to CSG, but still possible.


Now, I’ve been a little harsh, so lets move on to positives, mainly wood planks. This board walk is almost perfect; granted in this specific case if the planks went the long way or short way would be OK, but the railing and the supports are also correct. Now, the supports look funny because they are round, but that’s a ROBLOX issue for not having a darker wood grain texture to match wooden planks.


..But then I saw this. This is just ugly. On stairs, when wood grain is used for the steps the grain should always follow the long way. So in this case, instead of going back to front, they should to from left to right. This and the legs on chairs/tables is proof that even good builders can be lazy with wood grain. And while I would like to dispel the rumor that devs don’t know how wood grain works, in cases like this it is clear they either are lazy or think no one cares. Unfortunately, myself and probably several other people do care.

Conclusion? Overall the wood grain is fairly good. There are several large mistakes, but an attempt was made. Which makes the failures even worse. The game is built fantastically, much better than the other Garry’s Mod clone I was going to review today, and the music is much better on the ears than the other game as well. The game has potential, and hopefully in a year or so when I run out of new games to review and redo this one my review will be a lot shorter. Because, in case I haven’t mentioned it, the idea that ROBLOX devs don’t know how wood grain works is false; they know how it works and are either too lazy or don’t care enough to fix it.

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