Into the Wasteland-Fallout Vault Tycoon

Hello there good Sirs and Madams. WoodReviewer here with a new segment: Whatever Wednesdays. On every Wednesday, I will bring you a review of games that make you go “Whatever” before they disappear and no one cares about them. Originally The Plaza was suppose to be the first review of this format, but it turned out to not suck. So to ensure that the first game will suck, I chose to do a game based on a free mobile promotional game, Fallout Vault Tycoon with the original game being Fallout and promotional game being Fallout: Shelter. This game was published by Electronic Publishers, so you can be sure it will be forgettable when it is made by a group whose name is inspired by the pinnacle of forgettable games.Terrain with gun.png

Now, this game is lacking. Outside of the trees, there is no wood in the wasteland. All of the wood in the game is in your vault, and 90% of it is in a purely cosmetic room that serves no purpose. I actually almost gave up on the review because it is a typical ROBLOX tycoon where you press a button, get more money, and then a new button appears for you to press with no actual management or and indicators as to how the new buttons will affect cash flow. Luckily, the fact there is no real gameplay meant I could browse dank memes while AFK’ing so I could view the wood.

Main Sign Cropped.png

This was the first issue. In case you don’t know, in Fallout the currency is Nuka Cola caps, but this sign says cash and has a dollar sign while every other item in the game is priced in caps (or Robux, because the group is based on EA so of course it has over-priced micro transactions). However, the wood supporting the sign is always sideways.

Table Legs Cropped

The bad support wood grain continues in a random living room you can buy. The tables have improper wood grain on the legs.

Chair and couch cropped

And elsewhere in the room, chairs and a couch also have improper wood grain for support legs.

And that is all there is. The game literally consists of a vault with three 40×40 studs rooms with one large 150×100 stud room, a large wasteland that serves no purpose other than the ability to kill one or two raiders that spawn every 10 minutes or so and give you a completely negate able income with, and a few empty buildings that have nothing in them. There is no good excuse that with so little actual wood grain that half of it is wrong. It’s a bad tycoon that aside from not being on a large baseplate looks like any of the thousands of other tycoons made since 2008. I hope the creator’s attempts to copy EA go worse in the future, maybe even causing them to make an original game.

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