Hi people, WoodReviewer here, today I will be looking at Simplicity by Matthew_James, which was recently features on the ROBLOX blog. The blog praised it for its attention to small details, such as this chair.

Beach Chair.png

Most people will look at this chair and think “Wow, that is a nice chair.” But what I see is a terrible chair. The back and arm supports both have improper wood grain. In addition the front leg and back leg both have bad wood grain. But maybe it was just a small oversight, and it ends there. It is not like there is an entire bridge made out of poor wood grain that is preventing people from falling into the ocean or anything.


And maybe the Klondike chairs are just hard to make with CSG. I’m sure the regular chairs do not have improper wood grain on their legs. That is a mistake people who don’t pay attention to details makes.

Inside Chair.png

But of course the ladder inside had proper wood grain. This isn’t come silly map for Super Bomb Survival that will get blown up 5 seconds into a map, the ladder is a permanent fixture in this highly detailed showcase. No way the main supports for it will have improper wood grain.


And what about the front door. I am sure that there is no way the main detail for the house, that was part of the initial inspiration, would have bad wood grain on any of the trim around the door or on the pieces of wood supporting the glass. Not in such a detail oriented place.

Front Door.png

Lastly there is the boat. It is amazingly detailed. I am sure that the trim at the top of the boat and the brown edges on the side have perfect wood grain. They are such small details that no one would notice, but I am certain the creator of a place focused on detail will notice them.


For those of you who haven’t picked up on it yet, most of that was sarcasm. Overall, the wood grain was poor. It did have some positives; the siding on the house was correct, as was the cabinet doors in the bathroom. But a bunch of the smaller details had terrible wood grain, which is a shame for a place that was praised for it’s details.

“WoodReviewer” you might be saying “Isn’t that a little harsh?” If I was judging building, probably. But I’m not. I only judge wood grain, and if the wood grain is bad, not matter how great the rest of the place is, the game is bad to me.


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