Rebate Season-Canyon Heights

Hello there fellow tax enthusiests, WoodReviewer here, and today I continue my previous lesson on taxes with another important lesson: If you get audited and something turns up, make sure your taxes are extra good the next year. So lets say you forget to claim several thousand dollars on your income, get audited, and and the IRS sees you screwed up. The next year correctly do your taxes, because the chances of a second audit happening after something turns up are fairly high. Or in my case, if I audit one of your places after you claim there is nothing wrong and then PM me saying you fixed it, guess what: Surprise audit of a different place. So that is why today I am taking a look at Canyon Heights, again by Quenty, because he did this to himself.

Now, the first thing I noticed in-game isn’t bad wood grain, but inconsistent wood grain. For tree bark, I am OK with either vertical or horizontal wood grain because tree bark is not wood grain, so wood is acting as a texture not a wood block.


That being said, I do have a problem when half the tree had wood grain one way, half the other. Either the tree had bark that is vertical or horizontal, not both. But enough with the minor nitpicking.

High Railing.png

This was a railing near the top of the canyon. As you can clearly see, improper wood grain along with the fact the ropes don’t connect. Unless it is some magical force protecting guests, there might as well not be the rope fence.  Another issue nearby was this fence. The post had improper wood grain, and the actual fence had improper wood grain on the top of the connecting pieces.Wood Fence.png

Next up is this bridge. Surprisingly, it had proper wood grain. But there were some weird texture clipping on the ropes closest to me. That being said, I’m WoodReviewer, not ZFightingReviewer, so this is just a side note. Z-Fighting.png

Inside the canyon, things don’t get better. The bad wood grain on the post remains.

Railing in canyon

And also exists on the supports for this small bridge. Granted this bridge does not appear to be the strongest even with proper wood grain, with it it seems weaker.Small Bridge.png

Another small aside, this cloth texture on the railing annoyed me.


It is hard to see, but on the top the fabric is going the long way, from front to back, while on the side it is going the short way, up and down. For rope, all 4 sides should be aligned in the same direction. As I am not FabricReviewer I can’t be too critical of it, but I am just making sure people are aware that fabric texture matters.


And here ends our journey through the canyon. Stopped by a danger sign. But it shouldn’t be danger because of flooding, but the bad wood grain on the railings that will easily snap and have people fall it. Overall, the wood grain is poor. But that wasn’t really a surprise. However, I feel that I should mention something: My goal is to not review every place for bad wood grain. My goal is to get people to fix wood grain so that when I show up, there is nothing to post about. So that when people use wood, they place it correctly to avoid me shaming their bad wood grain. Because the best way to fix bad wood grain is to have it be good from the start.

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