Hayday-Port Gloom

Arrg, ahoy there swashbucklers, scallywags, and whatever is a non-degrading pirate word for woman and or those who don’t identify as either in case the previous two words don’t cover you, Captain WoodReviewer speaking, and on today’s adventure I will be taking you on a journey through one of ROBLOX’s true classics, Galleons by Wingman8. While there may not be much land, the ships provide plenty of wood to look at. So grab your swords, arm your muskets, and laugh and people saying poop deck, and lets begin this adventure!

…That is what I’d say if I were to review Galleons. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to play Galleons this week because I have not been binge playing any recent Wii U games this week. Totally not that. Instead, I decided to take a look at Port Gloom by Asimo3089. It has a galleon, so it is close enough, right?

Boat Wheel.png

Unfortunately, the support holding up the ship’s wheel had bad wood grain and soon snapped. The boat drifted for several hours before she ran aground and caught fire for some reason.

Crashed Boat.png

With the boat gone, I decided to take a tour around the actual port. While the atmosphere was nice, it still had some major issues. Mainly with wood grain.

Tavern Supports.png

The supports on the tavern, for example, were terrible. That should be simple wood grain, but it was still wrong. For those of you paying close attention, you can probably see the improper wood grain on the doors. For those of you who can’t, here is a closer look.


Inside the tavern, things did not get any better. The windows suffered the same issues as the door.


Inside was some odd patterns on the floor. As you can see, the lighter wood was going the long way left to right, but the wood grain was perpendicular to it. This seems like a CSG error, but it could be easily avoided by not using CSG.

Floor Outline

Moving on to furniture, there was this table that had bad wood grain and the vertical and diagonal supports for the table top.

Table Supports

As well as the actual table top. Plus on the chairs backrest.

Table Top

With a snack eaten, I headed off towards the docks. Along the way I stopped by some unusual cannon wheels. It seems like the wheels were literally cut out of a piece of floor, but without the floor boards to keep them together. They were probably the worse case of CSG abuse I have ever seen in a game.


Next to the docks acting as a sea wall, as well as the supports of the docks, were this pillars. To be honest, I have a hard time deciding if they are wrong or not; one one hand, the wood grain is wrong. On the other, if they still hard bark on them and the wood grain was representing bark, they would be fine. Truly a toss up.

Sea Wall.png

And then there was just the docks. Like the tables, they had bad wood grain.

Dock Grain.png

Now, for docks, bad wood grain is dangerous; the wood is old, soggy, and likely to break. And that happened.

Resting Place.png

As I slowly fell into the water, then slowly into the sand, mud, and then the nearly inaccessible underground that Asimo forgot to properly close off due to a hole in the terrain, I was reminded that ROBLOX again had promoted a place on the blog that had poor wood grain. I understand ROBLOX needs to find places to promote, but again it looks bad when they promote places  that a built poorly. That is what bad wood grain is; poor building. In the case of CSG, it is poor design to try and make wood grain fit where it does not belong. I am not trying to diminish the rest of the place by saying it had bad wood grain, but if you have stepping stones made with CSG that contain half a dozen bricks to form a path through a city, how much more effort is it to adjust supports so that the wood grain is correct?

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