Spoiled Eggs-Egg Hunt 2016

Hello there humans and our future robot overlords, WoodReviewer here, and today it is time for a quick look at the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2016. Now this is combination of rushed and incomplete. Originally, I was going to plan on doing Retail Tycoon, but I am still grinding through it. My back up plan was Port Gloom, which I heavily hinted at so that Asimo3089 could fix, but I guess he enjoys me yelling at him. However, then the Egg Hunt beta opened up, so I took a look at the little that is available to see with a proper review post-release.

Lets start just past the first teleporter. There was a wooden fence. Now I know Quenty wasn’t listed in the credits, but if I were to take a guess I’d say he had some input.


The horizontal boards are fine. Perfect you could say. But the posts are bad. Very bad. Even worse when you consider there is a giant cliff behind the fence.

Near the teleport was a barn. The red siding was just fine. However, whenever the creator copied and pasted the siding to make the trim for the barn door, they forgot to fix the wood grain.

Barn door

Next up was the mineshaft. It is bad in every way. That is all.


Next up was the bridge. For those who follow me on Twitter, you might remember me asking Bob about this a few weeks back. I’m sad that the horizontal and diagonal supports are not fixed. Much like the barn, you can tell where the builder copied the parts from to to add certain bricks.

Bridge main.png

IDK what is up with the fence at the bottom right. The rest of the fencing was fine

And lastly, the bridge support. It was just wrong.


Overall, the egg hunt is bad. I know, in the past egg hunts have been a disappointment. Either from being delayed for 2 months due to bugs, being broken by the egg drop mechanics, or genuinely just being built on unfun maps. But of all of those, this one is the most disappointing. The complete disregard for proper wood grain just shows how childish and unprofessional some ROBLOX devs are, and it will reflect on everyone. No one will see the egg hunt as a success, rather as the makers getting lucky that it worked since they clearly don’t care for the smaller issues, like wood grain. Luckily, since it is still not a full release, there is time to fix the wood grain to ensure that new users see the very best ROBLOX has to offer.

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