UristMcSparks-Endorsed Models Part 1

Hello there fellow kids and adults, WoodReviewer here, and today I am starting part one of what is planned to be a four part series focusing on wood grain on some of ROBLOX’s endorsed models. For those of you wondering what endorsed models are, good question. ROBLOX does a bad job of explaining it, but in studio when you open the tool box it defaults to the free model search area called models, and without searching anything a bunch of models with an orange badge appear. These are endorsed models, and they are submitted to ROBLOX via the dev forum where they go through a rigorous process of inspection that does not include looking at wood grain. Until now.

Now, this is not a normal review. Normally I just look at wood and then tell the place creator they suck. I am still going to do that. Only now, I am going to fix the models and have uploaded the fixed versions for the creator to update the models if they choose to. It is worth mentioning, all the 19 models I fixed took about an hour and 45 minutes to fix mostly with Stravant’s Material Flip plugin, although some stuff with CSG I had to use different tricks on (will explain later), and while I could have used a wood grain fix plugin I chose not to because of reasons that will be explained later.

Enough with the future posts, onto this one. Today I will be focusing on four endorsed models made by the ROBLOX admin UristMcSparks. They are a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and dining room building set. Not an actual set of the set feature that ROBLOX tries to ignore, but a group of models. Here is the dining room set.


There are some obvious issues here. The legs on the chairs and table are both incorrect, as well as the backs of the chairs. Also, the seat of the chairs are made up for two bricks and the support under the table had bad wood grain. Here is a fixed version of the set.


Aside from rotating the wood grain on the obvious issues, the chairs had the seat part made invisible and the front part of the chair was extended back hiding the seat while making it look better with one part.

Next up on the list of sets to fix was the living room set.

This set had two major issues: the coffee table was bad wood grain on the legs and the bottom shelf, and the book shelf had bad wood grain on the side and back potions. These were fairly simple fixes, both of which were fixed with a texture flip plugin. Here is the fixed set.

Next up is the bedroom set. This was another easy set, with the only challenging part being the fact that the drawer shelves are hidden in studio but can be opened, making it a bit challenging to see the wood grain.

In addition to the drawers, the main part of the bed had some wood grain issues. Now, on caveat of this was the head board. It does look odd with the wood grain going from side to side instead of the up and down for optimal strength. In this case, there is no proper way; it can wither lay sideways and be the correct way that the board is cut, or go up and down and be the correct way strength wise. However, because it is not actually supporting anything, I decided to have it go the correct cut rather than correct strength direction. Here is the fixed version.

For the last of the four sets we have the kitchen set.The biggest issue in this set came from the side walls of the cabinets.


It was a fairly quick fix overall. Here is the new set.


Overall, the wood grain in these sets was poor. Considering endorsed models should be what games aspire to be, the fact they had bad wood grain sets a bad precedent for new builders. Especially since it was made by an admin in UristMcSparks. That being said, there are still plenty of examples of equally bad wood grain made by dev forum users that were submitted and approved as an endorsed model. But those are for next time.

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