General Wood Grain-Endorsed Models Part 2

Hello there fellow ROBLOXians, WoodReviewer here, and today is part 2 of my look at endorsed models. For those who did not read the first part, here it is. Today’s part will focus on general, simple issues with wood grain. Everything seen here was fixed in under half a minute, all with Stravant’s material flip plugin. Now, just as a refresher for those who are new, endorsed models are a shadow feature that everyone on ROBLOX uses, but most don’t know about. Whenever you open your tool box in Studio, they are the models that are always in the way of what you actually want to use, and you can tell they are endorsed because they have an orange badge on them. To get a model endorsed, you submit it on the dev forum and then stuff happens and it is either endorsed or not. Proper wood grain is not checked when a model is endorsed.

First, let’s start with our old friend Quenty. More specifically his crate. You may remember this crate from my review of Whatever Floats Your Boat. In-game, he fixed it, but he seems to have forgotten to upload the fixed version to free models so everyone else can have it.


Luckily, I did it for him. He can thank me whenever for the fixed version, just remember to spam him so that he either fixes it himself or uploads the fixed version as an update to the old version.


Next up is a fruit stand by x_0. This is the most complex build I fixed for this post, but was still a fairly easy fix.

As you can see, the separators that held up the fruit baskets were incorrect, as was a support bar for the canopy above the shop. All and all, simple fixes. Fixed model here.

Now, this next model was a disappointing. It was a dock made by Zomebody and was really close to being good; diagonal boards were good, supports were good.


Alas, the main support beam had improper wood grain one one side. Such a waste; it was so good to being good. Link to fixed model.


Lastly, we have a power line model by Sharksie. This model is simple; just a pole with some boards on top, and then magic happens and the poles connect in-game.


The pole was nice, sadly the boards were not. Fixed model here.


Overall, these were simple mistakes and easy fixes. Realistically, Quenty should know by now that he should fix all his old stuff. As for Sharksie and Zomebody, they should be aware by now of my presence and should ensure their future creations are good. I know the countdown until I look at Apocalypse Rising is getting shorter and shorter. Anyhow, that’s all for today. Next time look forward to me yelling at people for over abusing unions for no real reason.

3 thoughts on “General Wood Grain-Endorsed Models Part 2

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