With Fiends-Farming Among Friends

Hey there farmers, WoodReviewer here, today I will be taking a look at Farming Among Friends by the TheNickmaster21. Now, as the name of the game implies, this game is suppose to be played with friends. However, when I asked my friends to test it with me, they all said they were waiting for their restraining order to finish processing first. Hopefully by the time I get to a review for a co-op game the restraining order will be done so they can play with me.

Moving on to the actual game, this was my farm when I made the review.

Main Farm

In the front I have a bunch of fire pits so I can more easily summon Cthulhu, in the back left I have my useless farm of too many sprinklers, and in the back right I have my completely not over powered biofuel farm that lets me ignore the rest of the game. While the farm may look good from a distance, up close it begins to fall apart.

Lets start with something small: The fire pit.

Fire pit.png

Notice how some of the logs have bad wood grain. While this isn’t a structural issue, it is purely a looks one. However, most of the other issues are structural.


Look at these torches for example. Thin sticks with horizontal wood grain. They will easily snap. That being said, bad wood grain on supports is a common theme. Just look at the food stand.


The vertical supports have bad wood grain, as well as the top part of the wood grain on the front of the food stall. Moving back, the common mistake of bad chair legs shows up again.


And also shows up on the side of the hut. Moving on, fences also have terrible supports.

Fench and gate.png

And not just the regular fences, but also the wood plank fences.


Also, the sign to my side that represents my farm animals has bad wood grain on the supports. To move on to the last piece of bad wood grain, we need to look at the spawn.


Again, the sign and the fence posts have improper wood grain. Overall, the wood grain was fairly poor, but for the most part is fairly fixable. No parts have cylinders and wedges that can cause issues; no CSG; no meshes. It just seems like the creator was lazy when making the game, especially since most of the issues are similar. Overall, it is a shame.

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