Gone-Demented Defense

Hello people of the past, WoodReviewer here, today I am going to be taking a look at Demented Defense by Beeism, TheInnovative, kmansong2, maplestick, and Scripton. Not this review wasn’t originally scheduled today, part 5 of endorsed models was, however I heard a rumor that Demented Defense was going to close today, so I made it priority number one. You see, it is hard to review a closed game because it is closed. How true the rumors of it closing are I’m not sure; as of the time of publishing it was open and charging Robux for in-game items, which means it is either open or doing pre-ordering for the re-opening. Which is it? I’m not sure. But I’m reviewing it.

Lets start in the lobby.


This was a fire pit near the starting GUI. I’m not sure what the intent of the wood is suppose to be; scraps being burned or rubble being burned. In either case, the grain on the lighter brown piece is going the wrong way, and the same on the thinner piece of darker brown wood.

Continuing on in the lobby was this club. Or ball and spike. Something. Either way the wooden handle had improper wood grain and would easily snap if used.


Into the actual game, there was not much wood grain, but what was there was wrong. Look at this ladder thing, for example, in the Death Valley map. While the supports are proper, the steps have bad wood grain that would easily snap if someone climbed it. Or just fall apart completely when it is hit by a slight breeze.


Next up is another map, Hybrid Zoo. It contained a bulk of the bad wood grain in the game starting with the classic table legs.


Seriously reviewing table legs is getting old

And along with the classic bad table legs, the classic bad wooden fence post showed up to say “Hi.” Luckily the actual fence was good, but that won’t do much good when the post can be snapped by a stiff breeze.

Fence Post.png

Next up was a bit of a new error. In involved the wooden roof supports above some outdoor buildings.


From below, the wood grain was fine, but on the sides the supports had improper wood grain. Small issue, but still bad. And unfortunately, that is where this review ends.

“But WoodReviewer” James says “What about Pilot Mutiny?”

You see James, I tried to play the map, but it broke. As in my character couldn’t move at all after I spawn. However, in a twist that actually caused me to beat the level, while I couldn’t move, the AI couldn’t track me, meaning I couldn’t loose and they couldn’t win.

Sir Schmoopy.png

Day 7. AI still can’t find me.

So like Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon, my journey in Demented Defense did not end with a bang, but a quiet waiting period until everyone involved got bored and left.

If the game is still up by the time you are reading this, I cannot recommend it. The general building, UI, and sound is ok to goodish, but is let down by the actual scripting of the game. The wood grain is bad, but not completely terrible. Death Valley was mostly clean, and when I first played Pilot Mutiny when it first opened I had trouble finding bad grain. Only Hybrid Zoo had real issues. Hopefully future games can rise from the deep and fix the issues with Demented Defense so I can properly judge it’s wood.

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