Paint Snow-Twisted Paintball Part 1

Hello there fellow Bob Ross enthusiasts, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at a game that continues a classic tradition on ROBLOX: Paintball. Yes, paintball, which started back when ROBLOX added the original paintball gun to brick battle places, soared to popularity with Miked’s Ultimate Paintball, was revived with Crazyman32’s Realistic Paintball, then died off for a bit, bought back to life with MAD Paintball, and here we are today with TWISTED Paintball by Taymaster. However, I am not going to lie: given the fact the game’s name is derived from a Murder clone at the game seems to be a response to MAD Paintball, even keeping the theme of using MAD/TWISTED from the Murder games to the paintball games, I had little hope the wood grain would be good. I was wrong.

Snow ax.png

Look at this stump. It is an amazing stump. It is amazing. It is probably the best piece of wood grain I have ever seen on ROBLOX. And it continues.

Look at these logs. These logs are amazing. They also showcase why I believe wood grain can be used as bark on trees; because it does look sort of like bark, but it definitely looks like a log after the bark gets striped. CanadianSanic, the map maker, should get a raise.

Snow logs.png

I dreamt about this wood at night

Sadly, whoever made that map should also get fired. While the logs are good, the rest of the wood grain is poor. Lets continue looking at the snow map that has these amazing logs. Look at this cover, for example. While the horizontal planks are good, the vertical supports are not.

Snow Cover.png

In addition to major issues on the snow map, smaller ones appeared, such at the grain on the side of this board. Overall this is a small issue, but really all wood grain issues are small in the grand view of life, so it is still worth pointing out.

Snow Plank.png

Continuing the earlier theme of bad wood grain in cover, look at this piece of cover. It combines the bad supports from the first piece of cover with the bad side grain of the planks from the previous image. I know paintballs don’t have much force, but they should be able to easily knock the cover down.

Snow support cover.png

Next up is the first piece of cover, but with this arrow attached. You see, the arrow has almost no support and should snap off. Instead of point to wherever it is pointing to, it should be pointing to the ground.

Snow Arrow.png

Next up is this tent. For those unfamiliar with how tents work, they are designed to protect people from the outside wind, rain, and snow. The wooden supports are the only thing holding up the tent, and they need to be strong to keep the tent up. As you can clearly see, these tent poles are not strong, each with bad wood grain on one side. While I can’t speak the their structural strength, they are wrong.

Snow tent.png

Speaking of tents, these tent stakes also had bad wood grain. So even if the tent poles supported the tent, the wind will take it away when the stakes snap.

Snow stake.png

Last up was this fire wood and doorway supports. The fire wood is bad; you could break the planks instead of cutting them. The door way is also bad. The planks should go from bottom to top to help hold up the roof; right now they serve not structural protection from the cave collapsing.

Snow fire.png

Normally, this is the part of the review where I give my opinion on a game. However, that is going to have to wait. As you can see, I only took a look at one map in this review. There are three maps in total. Expect another map review later today and one tomorrow. Or maybe two tomorrow. I’m not sure how I’ll do it. In either case, my final opinion is yet to be made, but judging on how I need two more reviews to judge wood grain, it won’t be good.


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