Jungle World-Twisted Paintball Part 2

Hello there my readers, WoodReviewer here. I am here to look at wood in all of the games. Today I look at TWISTED Murder by Taymaster. Well, the game is. The map I am looking at is by  PixelatedCandy. This is part 2 of my look at TWISTED Murder because there was too much bad wood grain to fit in one blog post. Will there be too much to fit in two posts? The fact I am asking that questions means I know the answer. Plus the fact I have the rest of the review written and am going back to change the intro to tease part 3.

In this blog I will be looking at the map Jungle Japes, as mentioned, by PixelatedCandy. Like Frosthold, the winter map, it has many examples of bad wood grain. Unlike Frosthold, it does not have any impressive wood grain to start this review out cheerfully. So lets start with some less-bad wood grain first.

Swamp crate.png

Does this look familiar? Possibly featured in a certain blog on endorsed models? No? Then go read this blog post on endorsed models. Go on, read it. Done? No do you recognize the crate? Yup; same one. Now, I am not against using free models in a place when it is a readily made asset. Why make what is already made? However, that does not exempt the creator from errors in the asset, hence why this crate is bad. Speaking of endorsed models, another one that made an appearance was a well that was featured in my third part on endorsed models. Some parts of it were fixed, but sadly not all of them.

Swamp Well.png

Next up is a similar error, with the side of the planks being the short way instead of the long way. A small issue, and one I’ve beaten to death several times, but this is like the 30th blog post so most of this stuff it.

Swamp Planks.png

Next up, the same issue again, but like Frosthold it is present in cover. For two maps made by two different people, they sure do share a similar affinity for building errors with wood grain.

Swamp Wall.png

Don’t worry guys; I haven’t forgotten about CSG. Just look at this mess. I get what the intention was; CSG multiple planks together to cut down on brick count. But really, was the 3 brick reduction worth it? The planks don’t even make sense.  Or lets say you want to reduce brick count; just union similar position planks together, so instead of the top planks being one union, have the planks at one specific angle be one union. Also, I notice the bad wood behind the planks. They are clearly pieces of wood that go vertical, due to the cut outs in the top, but the grain does from side to side.

Swamp cover.png

Enough with the long rants on specific issues. This sign had bad wood grain on both its supports, causing them to easily snap.

Swamp Sign

And these stairs have the problem of the wood grain on the front goes across, but on the top goes front to back. In reality it all should go across.

Swamp Stairs.png

Ok; had enough of the simple issues? Back to the more complex. Look at this tree.

Swamp Tree.png

As you can see, on the main trunk the wood grain acts as back, and it wraps around the tree. On the branch, however, it goes with the branch. That is wrong. The “grain” on bark goes the same on the entirety of the tree; either wrapping around it or going with it. Either the trunk’s grain needs to be fixed, or the branches. In the end, they both should match.

Well, that is the end of the look at Jungle Japes. Good? No. Terrible? Yes. For the most part, the issues are easy fixes, and it does have a fair bit of proper wood grain. But it has enough that even as a map it warrants its own blog post. A bit short? Yes. But don’t worry; the third map, Desert Ruins, has even more bad wood grain that warrants a slightly longer post.

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