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Zomeone’s Egg-2016 Unofficial Egg Hunt

Hello there rotten egg hunters, WoodReviewer here, and today I have a review of Zomebody’s Unofficial Egg Hunt. Yes, I am aware that Easter was a few weeks ago and it is kind of late to take a look at it, but I have faith that 2015’s Best Builder of the Year’s egg hunt will be great and will have no bad wood grain at all.

That was a lie. Lets start looking at the bad wood grain.

Start Tree.png

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CSG Issues-Endorsed Models Part 3

Hello there peasants, Future Overload WoodReviewer here and I have some great news: ROBLOX has decided to restart their effort to get people to submit more endorsed models on the Dev forum. For those who don’t know what endorsed models are, read one of the previous posts because this intro has a new joke. Now, I don’t know if they decided to relaunch this because of me, but I am more than willing to take credit for it for the sake of man kind. More importantly, I was made Supreme Wood Grain Model Reviewer by UristMcSparks.

You dun screwed up.png

Now, no specific title was given then, nor if I actually had any power, but no one has told me otherwise so far so I’m going assume that is what they meant.

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Ducks-The Grumpy Duck

Hello there duck lovers, WoodReviewer here, and today I am looking at The Grumpy Duck by Ravenshield. Originally, today was suppose to be Part 3 of endorsed models, but decided to delay it because I made a post on it on Friday. My backup plan was Retail Tycoon, but I ran out of time for that. Next was the Titanic but it is not done, so that was scraped. Then was the recent Western Default Place templete that was added, but that was too close to what I was doing with endorsed models, so I spun the EBR Wheel of WoodShame and up popped the Grumpy Duck.


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CSG Basics-Endorsed Models Part 2.5

Hello there pranksters who were expecting a April Fool’s joke rather than an actual blog, WoodReviewer here, and thankfully the way everyone uses wood grain in-game is enough of a joke that I don’t have to make any. Originally, today was going to be a look at endorsed models that feature feature CSG modeling. However, after writing it up I realized too many people were unaware of what terms I were using might be, so I explained the basics of CSG and the blog go too long, so now I’m here with a special post focusing on the basics of CSG  so that people can understand the next blog. Now as a disclaimer, I don’t mess with CSG much. It crashes. A lot. And my time is too valuable to constantly clear out the hundreds of crash reports that get made, and I mean hundreds, so I hired a trained monkey to make all my CSG models. Now, I’m not sure what he makes since he sort of just mashes the keyboard, but I have faith he’ll eventually make something cool. Right now he just makes weird shapes and things that kind of look like bananas.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll have a trained monkey for sale. It’s a win-win.

Monkey CSG

My monkey’s latest work.


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