Zomeone’s Egg-2016 Unofficial Egg Hunt

Hello there rotten egg hunters, WoodReviewer here, and today I have a review of Zomebody’s Unofficial Egg Hunt. Yes, I am aware that Easter was a few weeks ago and it is kind of late to take a look at it, but I have faith that 2015’s Best Builder of the Year’s egg hunt will be great and will have no bad wood grain at all.

That was a lie. Lets start looking at the bad wood grain.

Start Tree.png

This is a subtle case of bad wood grain right at the initial spawn location. As I have mentioned before, I am OK with with wood grain going either vertical or horizontal on trees if it is used to represent bark. However, bark tends to follow patterns; it either has vertical stripes or horizontal stripes that wood grain can simulate. In this case, it has vertical on the upper trunk, but horizontal on the lower trunk. It should have a consistent bark pattern on the entirety of the tree.

Now, that may be nitpicking a bit, so lets move on to more obviously bad wood grain, like this door.

Vinnie's Door.png

This was in Vinny’s Campground. The door is longer vertical than horizontal, so the wood grain should also be vertical. Next up are some outhouses that make the mistake, but not just on the door but also on the walls.

Vinnie's Toliet.png

One note: All the cylinder support beams in-game had proper wood grain.

Near the outhouses and the building with the door were these picnic tables. This is obviously bad wood grain; the benches will snap if any weight is applied. Remember this picnic table, though; it is reused in other areas.

Vinnie's Picnic.png

Speaking of reused assets, look at these crates. The wood grain is all over on them; some parts have improper wood grain on two sides; other three, some pieces are fine. It appears no reguard was paid for what way the wood grain faces, which is a shame since the crates appear is basically every area of the map, aside from the ruins.

Vinnie's Crate.png

As you can see, we’re on a dock at this point. This may seem familiar, because it is the dock Zomebody main that was featured in my blog post General Wood Grain-Endorsed Models Part 2. Like in that post, it still had bad wood grain on the main supports.

Vinnie's Dock.png

Last up in Vinny’s campground was this border around a playground. It just looks bad.

Vinnie's Playground.png

Next up are the two areas with the least bad wood grain. First up it the Dig site. It was good, aside from the crates mentioned above.

Digsite Crates.png

Then the Ruins. This will take some time to explain.

Ruins Ruins.png

Every building had these wooden floors. For the most part, the floors were correct. However, you can see close to my character some short planks going left to right, while the majority of the planks go front from back. These planks appear to have been placed to give the illusion that the floor collapsed. While individually these planks are orientated correctly, in the context of the building they are incorrect. Why would a floor going front to back have wooden planks going left to right after the floor collapses? The broken pieces should be going the same direction as the main floor, and even though it may look worse, a clean break on the floor along the edge of a plank would be better.

Next up, the Collapsed Caves, and here we have a visit from our good friend Mr. Crate.

Caves Crates.png

We also apparently had another visit from our good friend Mr. Asimo, who appears to have made these rail ties incorrectly along with the vertical supports for the bridge behind them.

Caves Bridge.png

Last part of the caves, this support from a mine shaft.Caves Mineshaft.png

Slightly better than the one from the official egg hunt, but not by much.


Finally we have the last area: Alderdeen Town. This was probably the worse area in the game; not because it had the worse wood grain, but because it had so much bad wood grain  that was reused. Look at this fence, for example. In between every house, all 17 or 21 of them, was this fence, and it had bad wood grain.

Alderdeen Fence.png

Then we have the actual houses, with wooden doors, door frames, supports, and windows, all with bad wood grain. And again, there were 17-21 of these houses in the town.

Alderdeen House.png

And even some of the supports with good wood grain one one side had bad wood grain on others.

Alderdeen Roof.png

The vertical piece above my head had bad wood grain on the top of the wood.

Then we have the barrels that were around the town, which had horizontal wood grain rather than vertical.

Alderdeen Barrel.png

While the town did not have picnic benches, it did have regular benches. Also with bad wood grain.

Alderdeen Bench.png

And then you look at the town overall, with the bad benches, crates from the other areas, houses, barrels, trees that I mentioned at the start, and fences, you get the overview of all the bad wood grain in the town.

Alderdeen Overview.png

Overall, this egg hunt was also bad. I have a hard time saying which was worse; the official egg hunt or this one. This one had more bad wood grain, but also had more wood grain overall. Taken into account that I tested the official egg hunt and gave the makers some feedback on how to fix it before release, it has fewer excused for why it had bad wood grain at release. Overall, there is no winner; only losers in everyone who has to suffer through the poor wood grain in both official and unofficial egg hunts, and all the poor, poor Meeps who have trouble sleeping at night over the though of bad wood grain.

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