I Like Trains-Twisted Paintball Part 4

Hello there lovers of all things involving trains, WoodReviewer here, and guess what, time for another TWISTED Paintball map review, this time featuring Trainyard by CanadianSanic. I know, some of you are bored of TWISTED Paintball, but here is a secret: I spend about the same amount of time each week on reviews regardless of how long each review takes. So while TWISTED Paintball map reviews are fairly quick, they give me more time to work on other reviews that take longer. Onto the actual review, lets look at Trainyard, a map that I will show very little of the trains because they have no wood grain on them. First up, the crates are back.

Train Crate.png

For those that don’t remember it from part 3 on TWISTED Paintball, basically the decal attempts to cover up the wooden block. However, because the block goes one way, the vertical supports on the side and diagonal supports in the middle have improper wood grain.

Next up, a fairly easy piece of wood grain. The lamps are supported by wooden planks that have bad wood grain on the side, making them prone to snapping.

Train Lights.png

Speaking of the side of wooden planks, several areas of the map have wooden ramps made out of wood planks. While the top is fine, the sides of the ramps all have bad wood grain. To remind people, on the thin side the grain should follow the grain of the longest side, with the end of the planks having this patter, not the sides.

Train Ramp.png

Next, this barrel. Now, according to everything I’ve ever said on wood grain, nothing is wrong with this. However, this is just a case of it not looking like it does in real life; on barrels, the wood goes from the top to the bottom, not around the side. That is just how they are made. I may go into more detail on why eventually, but now is not the time.

Train Barrel.png

One more thing that is just odd, wooden trusses. On the diagonal and vertical parts of the trusses, the plank texture is wrong. Overall, avoid using wooden trusses. They just look weird.

Train Truss.png

Last up, lets look at the roof.

Train Roof1.png

The main issue here is the white pieces of wood. They have improper wood grain, since they go the long way down the barn area. This is important since, from the outside, you can’t see them, and there are planks around them. That means they are load bearing, and need proper wood grain to support the building.

Train Roof2.png

Overall, Trainyard was an average map. Compared to the other three, it does have less bad wood grain, but it also had less wood grain overall. However, that means more effort should be put into fixing what is broken.  It does have some positives, though; the planks serving as the roof and the sides of the barn are good. The trusses are bad, though, so that negates the positives. Hopefully, since the fifth map will have time to be made since I started review TWISTED Paintball, it will have proper wood grain. And if not, I’m OK with fairly quick reviews.

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