Giant Cats-Voltron Part 2

Hello there defenders of the universe, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking my second look at Voltron: Legendary Defender by Quenty and Maelstronomer. For those who are unaware, Voltron: Legendary Defender is a sponsored place for the new Voltron cartoon that airs tonight at 9:00 PM on Netflix. Or sooner. Or later. Really anytime you want since that is how Netflix works. In this review, I will not be focusing on the crates, like I did in the first part of my review. This review is solely focused on non-crate related wood grain issues. Luckily, there were plenty of them.

Boay Bottom.png

This is one minor problem. Do you see the brown piece of wood on the bottom of the boat? The bottom texture of the planks is facing the right way, but the texture on the left side is incorrect. It should go up and down, not front to back, like this.

Planks Front Good.png

There is a similar issue for the red piece of wood on the side of the boat.  The wood texture on the top and bottom of the planks should face the same way as the side.

Boat Side.png

In fact, all the issues on the Earth level are related to the way wooden planks are oriented. The includes the ramp to get on the boat.

Planks End.png

A small gap crossing bridge.


And a much larger bridge that crosses the main canyon.

Bridge Planks.png

Although, if you don’t mind falling into the water to take a dip I guess the wood grain does not matter.

Next up after Earth was Rolone, a planet with some simple puzzles. The level started off with some more improper ends on wood planks.

Platform tree.png

But in all honesty, besides for the crates mentioned in my previous review, the level was OK. However, I should point one thing out. I’ve said wood grain on trees does not matter as long as it is consistent on a tree, as in either all vertical, facing away from the roots, or wrapping around the tree. This only applies to the single tree. So look at this tree.

Tree Horizontal.png

It has bark that wraps around the branches. And this tree.

Tree Vertical.png

Has bark that grows away from the base of the tree. Because these are different trees, it is OK to assume they are different species of tree and each type of bark is OK. As long as the individual trees are consistent, different trees can be inconsistent.

However, the following branch is not OK, with the top of the branch being vertical and side being horizontal.

Tree bad.png

Next up was Twbergiua. For those who read the first review, this planet has most of the bad crates. However, it still had some improper wood grain not including the crates, like this bridge. Just link the planks on Earth, the end planks were improper.

Swamp Bridge.png

And just like Earth, most of the improper wood grain in this level revolved around bad wooden planks. For this house, for example, the side closest to me should have gone front to back, not up and down.

House bottom.png

And while the sides of this door way are just fine, the top piece of the door way should go side to side, not front to back.

House Door.png

Ignore the wooden crates. They are covered in Part 1.

Still, the wood grain wasn’t all bad. This well was good. I wonder who was responsible for getting the creator to fix it, through…


The last level with improper wood grain was Sendak’s ship. Now, I know I said all the creates were in the last post, but this level has some wooden boxes with improper wood grain. Why does an advanced alien race keep valuables in wooden boxes instead of metal crates? I’m not sure. Regardless, the wooden planks are fine, it is the wood on the outside that is improper. On the sides, all the wood grain is horizontal, even on the vertical supports.


So, overall how was the wood grain? It was bad. Most of the problems with wooden planks were just not understanding how they work, or as was the case with the bridges, reusing assets from other games without realizing altering the bridge would expose improper wood grain that is normally hidden. Hopefully Quenty will remember this when working on Meadows Ranch in the future.

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