Containers-Template Places Part 7

Hello shipping container enthusiasts, WoodReviewer here, today I am back to take another look at some of the template places that ROBLOX has decided to give to new users to help them learn how to build and tell ROBLOX why the places are fundamentally broken. Well, maybe not fundamentally broken, but the wood grain is bad, so they are basically unplayable to me. Anyway, today I am taking a look at the Team/Free for All Deathmatch Arena place. Honestly, there is not much bad wood grain here, only two assets actually have improper wood grain. So lets start off with the most repeated offender.


Now, it may be hard to see, but these shipping containers have some very bad wood grain. If you can’t see it I can’t blame you. The bad wood is inside the containers. Seeing as you can’t open them or actually destroy them, you can’t actually see the bad wood, but I could see it in studio and it needs to be fixed.

Boxes Inside Bad.png

The only fix is to rotate this wood so instead of going the short way from side to side in the container it should go from end to end. And alternative fix would be to change to wooden planks, either orientation would be acceptable as long as the sides of the planks are OK.

Boxes Inside Good.png

The second case of bad wood grain is this shed.

Shak bad outside.png

Look familiar? No? How about this?

shak bad inside.png

Long time readers will recognize this shed from EndorsedModel-Endorsed Models Part 4.


Now, I didn’t actually fix this model. You see, I already did in my first look at it. So instead of trying to fix it I just simply swapped in a copy of my fixed version from before. Luckily, because there was only one shed this was fairly quick.

shak good outside.png

That was all the wood grain. I did do some other minor fixes, such as assigning primary parts for some models that did not have any, but none of that has anything to do with wood grain. If you want the fixed version, here it is. Overall, not too bad to fix, but I should have never needed to fix anything. Still, in comparison in to the places I still need to fix up, this place does not look that bad in comparison. Still bad. There are just worse.

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