Crates!-Voltron Part 1

Hello TV enthusiasts who no longer want to pay for cable, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at Voltron: Legendary Defender, a sponsored game made by Quenty and Maelstronomer. Well, part of the game atleast. You see, the game itself is fairly long and my review for it, which will be released early tomorrow, was too long, and this blog is what I cut out. Now, what exactly was so long that I had to make a second blog just to talk about it? This.


Yup, Quenty’s good old crate that was featured in part 2 in my series on endorsed models. It is back, in what is the third or fourth blog post on it. You see, Quenty claims he can’t fix it because Studio won’t let him upload a new model. Because why make a new model. So lets look at it in Voltron.

Crate 1.png

Yup; still bad. Now, I did not make a blog post to post a picture of two crates. I made it to post ALL of the bad crates. Like this one.

Crate 2.png

And this one.

Crate 3.png

And this.

Crate 4.png

That’s five bad crates in on map, the Earth level of Voltron. Still, not that bad, but some of you may remember my most recent blog post, Sooner Rather than Later, where I discuss that even for a relatively small amount of assets, in one place, it is better to fix them before you reuse them. I even used Quenty’s crate as an example, which was pure coincidence since that blog was written before Voltron came out. Still, five assets across one place isn’t that bad.

Crate 5.png

Unfortanetly, the crates were not limited to just Earth. In the second level, Rolone, they were features in this jump puzzle.

Crate 6.png

Twice, which brings the bad crate count to 7. Still, 7 isn’t too bad.

Crate 7.png

Luckily, Quenty was kind enough to double the amount of bad crates right in the starting area on Twbergiua, the third level. Still, atleast it is just those 7 crates to bring to total up to 14.

Crate 8.png


Crate 15-21.png

Ok; 23. Still, there are fewer bad crates then there are hours in the day, so it can’t be that bad, right?

Crate 22.png

So 24 bad crates. The crates alone would doom this game to have improper wood grain, but don’t worry: my full review will be up soon. But once again, this is the perfect example of why assets should have proper wood grain before they are reused in maps. Now Quenty has atleast 24 crates(possibly more since they are unanchored and could have got pushed out of my sight) that all need to be fixed. What started as a 15 second fix on one crate is now several minutes of fixing the wood grain on all the crates, or several minutes of replacing the old, bad crates with new, proper ones.

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