Jumpy-Template Places Part 8

Hello Brighteyes, WoodReviewer here, not John. Today I am taking a look at the Line Runner template place that is, as always, available in Studio and hosted on the Templates account. Line runner is a tad bit different from the other games I have taken a look at so far. First, instead of having a prebuilt map it has premade assets that generate a map, meaning a fairly large map is made from only a few pieces. Second it is playable with only one player, meaning it was easier than normal the make sure fixing the bad wood grain. However, as the second point indicates, it did have bad wood grain.

Spikes Bad.png

These spikes were one example, and the most common. Overall there are 6 sets of spikes, with 4 spikes per seat. Five sets were on the ground, and one set on the wall.

Spikes Wall Bad.png

The problem with them is that the bottom piece of wood is facing the wrong way, it should go from bottom to top on the spike. This can be fixed in two ways: One, rotate the bottom piece. Two union the spikes together. This fixes the outlines and the wood grain. I did the second option because getting rid of outlines makes the spikes seem like one whole piece of wood.

Spikes Good.png

The next set of improper wood grain is these torches and wooden supports.

Support Bad.png

The supports were an easy fix; just use a texture flip plugin and flip it. The torches were a bit harder. You see, fixing the bottom piece is easy, but for the top piece rotating the part to fix wood grain also changes the direction of the fire. Instead of changing that, I just made the top piece with fire invisible and extended the bottom piece to continue where the top piece was, visually.

Support good.png

While it looks the same visually and keeps the part count the same, it is also easy to do. Speaking of part count, this ladder had bad wood grain.

Ladder Bad.png

While the horizontal pieces were good, the vertical supports had bad wood grain. While you could just use a texture flip plugin to fix them, I decided to do a more drastic approach.

Ladder good.png

First, I removed all but the bottom most pieces of the ladder support. Next I made the horizontal steps thinner. I then fixed the wood grain on the vertical supports and extended them to the top of the ladder. This not only fixed the wood grain, it also got rid of a dozen or so parts that were not needed.

The next example of bad wood grain was this bridge. First off, the floor of the bridge was incorrect, as was the railing supports

Bridge Bad 1.png

Also the railings are floating.

Also, there was a single piece of the connectors between the boards that had bad wood grain. Just a single piece.

Bridge Bad 2.png

Luckily all it took was some texture flipping and the railings and bridge decking were easily fixed.

Bridge good 1.png

There was one last piece of bad wood grain in the Line Runner place; these wooden boards.

Fall Trap Bad.png

Normally when something like this is featured it is featured because the wood grain on the bottom is weak while the side is good. And that is correct; for proper strong wood grain it should go side to side. However, the entire point of these boards is for them to snap when you walk on them, which implies that they should have improper wood grain since they break so easily. So all I did here was fix the wood grain so it was consistent.

Fall Trap good.png

If anyone is interested in the fixed version as always, here it is. Overall the wood grain was bad. Outside of the railings and ladder steps, every piece of wood needed to be fixed. Still, most were fairly easy to fix. The boards had some CSG, but it was easy to fix. WIll the rest of the template places be that easy to fix? Only time will tell.


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