Fantasy Wood-Fantasy Island

Hello lovable pig riders, WoodReviewer here. Some people have asked how I chose which games I review and why I haven’t done some yet. Others ask me why I am in some games, such as Retail Tycoon, but haven’t done a review on it yet. The answer to the second is simple: I just haven’t finished playing some games yet. I either need to play them more to get to the end game or to unlock stuff that is hidden behind progression. As for other games, some I just don’t see worth reviewing because is it is too hard to get proper screen shots due to the nature of the game. This can be due to the pace of the game not allowing a slowdown to look at parts carefully or the action obstructing the view. As for what games I do chose to review, most by what are popular right now, either if it is towards the front page, being talked about in the community, and others by what gets featured in a ROBLOX blog blog post. And today I am doing a review based on the latter. Fantasy Island by  Spectrabox is a small showcase of a small island town. When you spawn, you start on a small dock, and while the game begins here, so does the bad wood grain.


There is just something I need to quickly address here. You see, all the wood grain in the game has this stylized cartoon-ish wood grain decal/texture covering it. However, the decal always faces the same way as the regular wood grain, as is seen in this picture. As you can also see, the wood grain should go from front to back on the dock, not side to side like it currently does.

Luckily, this makes it easier to see bad wood grain in some spots. Look at this house, for example.

Support 1.png

The decaled wood grain make it easy to see that the vertical support has bad wood grain. Unfortunately for the game, the supports are an issue every where. You see, all the houses seem to be built in the same style, and that includes the supports having improper wood grain.

Door 1.png

Aside from just supports, other parts with bad wood grain are shared. Windows, doors, and trim are improper on all the houses, along with the supports.

Door 2.png

The issue with vertical supports does not end with the houses, though. For the pig pen, the supports for the fences also have improper wood grain.


And at the far end of town, the little shops/stalls also have bad vertical supports.


But the vertical supports are not the worse example of wood grain. This chair is.


You see, normally chairs have legs with bad wood grain. This chair appears to be made from one union and as a result has bad wood grain. Fair enough. But something different is instead of the wood grain being horizontal/vertical, it is diagonal. As a result, the entire chair has bad wood grain besides for one of the diagonal pieces in the back.

This abuse of unions is seen elsewhere as well. This bridge has a similar issue; the main support on the outside of the bridge, that is curved, has wood grain that is diagonal. This means that aside from one piece of wood, the entire rest of the curve has improper wood grain. Although, this is on top of all the wooden timbers that support the bridge, as well as the decking of the bridge, also having improper wood grain.


Enough with unions and regular wood for now, though. There are some issues with wooden planks as well. For those who are now, wooden planks should look like this.

Planks Front Good

Where the end piece should have vertical wood grain to match the lines on the top, and on the side had wood grain traveling the same direction as what is on the top. This is not covered here, as the top of the pig hut had wood grain that does not go up and down, but rather side to side.

Pig Roof.png

All the houses have similar issues with planks. On this one, the end piece is OK, but the side closest to the camera is incorrect, and should travel the same direction as what is on the top.

House Roof.png

Overall the wood grain on Fantasy Island was very bad. As I’ve mentioned, basically every vertical support was incorrect. Almost every roof was incorrect. To put it simply, there was no building that even approached 50% of the blocks being correct. The wood grain is very poor, and I am not sure why ROBLOX would feature such a broken game on the blog.


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