Smelly-Wizard Hut

Hello enjoyers of fine wood, WoodReviewer here. If you have noticed, I have been a little behind on reviews the past week or so. Don’t worry; make up reviews are on the way with hopefully five reviews coming out this week, two on wooden planks, one on a look at the released version of Meadows Ranch, and two others, this one included. So, what will this one be? I’m not sute, so lets fire up the old EBR Wheel of WoodShame. For those unfamiliar with the EBR Wheel of WoodShame, EBR stands for the Elite Builders of ROBLOX, supposedly a group of the best builders on ROBLOX. Naturally, since they are the best, most elite builders on ROBLOX all their places should be built to the highest standards and have the most incredible wood grain.


Today’s unlucky victim is Urbanize, who was featured in my earlier look at Wyvern Inn. Today I am going to take a look at their other showcase Wizard Hut, which got them into EBR, and should represent EBR’s strict standards of building quality control. When you first enter the place, you spawn on a small drawbridge next to a gate, protecting the hut. From there, you can really see EBR’s standards for building.

Opening Gate.png

Well EBR never fails to disappoint. Right off the bad the gate by spawn has improper vertical wood grain. Obviously I’m not a designer, but having structurally deficient wood grain on a gate door will obviously impact how much force said door can withstand in an attack. If I were to guess, it is probably closer to balsa wood in strength rather than oak or other stronger wood. For those who aren’t familiar with balsa wood, it is not very strong. Still, atleast the draw bridge is better.


Nevermind. So, the main gate and draw bridge is bad. What else is there? Not much. Just some trees, the hut, and a fairly large harp. The trees are all made out of slate, so their textures check out. As for the harp… Not so much. You see, on harps the main bow is made of one piece of wood that is bent. That means the wood grain should follow the shape lengthwise. In this case, the wood grain should start towards the bottom, follow the curve to the top, and then go horizontal. But it doesn’t and is perpendicular to where it should go.


So, the gate has bad wood grain and so does the harp. Things aren’t looking too well for the house. Unfortunately, the hut lives up to expectations. The first thing I noticed were the windows. They had just terrible wood grain; the vertical and horizontal pieces of wood frame inside the window were improper, as was the frame around the window and the window sill.


Also on the outside, the roofing was all incorrect. The grain went the short way along the wood rather then the proper long way, which in this case would be front to back relative to the picture.


Inside the hut, things do not get much better. For a start, our old friend Mr. Bad Table leg makes an appearance.


Unforanetly his friend Mr. Bad Chair Leg was unable to show up, but his friend Mr. Bad Bed Leg made an appearance. However, this was a special bed leg. You see, one side has correct wood grain while the side facing the camera does not. This show that the creator was not even consistent in getting wood grain wrong, but that they did not care about it at all. The same can be see in the side of the mattress, where the part racing the camera is correct, but the side by my character is incorrect.


The showcase isn’t very big overall, so the last piece to look at is this desk. There are many issues with the wood grain, but the two largest are the top of the desk and the drawers. For the top of the desk, the grain should go side to side rather than front to back, since that is the longer direction of the wood. As for the drawers, the wood grain should be horizontal, not vertical, since they are longer horizontally than vertically.


There are several other issues in-game, but most are smaller and, quite frankly, the lighting made it hard to get good screenshots. I mean I saw it, but this post was long enough that I did not need to include them. Overall the wood grain was what is expected of an EBR quality place. Not good, not good at all, but since all of them are bad overall, it is expected by this point.

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