My Army-Clone Factory Tycoon

Hello fellow alts of Swami, WoodReviewer here. Normally when I do reviews I tend to focus on more proper games, either games that the community considers good, such as Trade Hangout, or showcases with a lot of wood to look at, such as Buena Vista. Today is a departure from that as I am looking at Clone Factory Tycoon by Ultraw, because no place is safe from my wrath. Now some of you may be curious if this tycoon is any better than regular tycoons. And to a point it is. Look at the outside of this building by spawn.

Inn Outside.png

Surprisingly, all the wood grain on the outside supports is correct. That’s right; a random building in a front page tycoon has better wood grain than building showcases featured on ROBLOX’s blog.

Now I would love to say that all the wood grain here was great and end the blog post. Unfortunately, I can’t. Focusing on the spawn building again, while the outside has good wood grain the inside struggled. Look at this chair and the table legs near it. Both should have wood grain that goes up and down rather than horizontally. In addition, the table top was improper. On the bottom, you can see the grain goes away from the chair. It should go with the side facing the chair, front to back from the perspective of the image.

Inn Chair.png

Next up was this shelf. The entire thing had improper wood grain, from the sides having horizontal wood grain instead of vertical, the shelves having wood grain going front to back rather than side to side, and the supports in the back not having diagonal wood grain.

Inn Shelf.png

The last piece of bad wood grain in the spawn building was this bed and window. The bed has legs that have horizontal wood grain rather than vertical. The same is true for the sides for the window frames.

Inn Bed.png

Moving on from the spawn house to the actual tycoon, things stay about the same. One of the first things I noticed was this path. At first glance it seems OK since the wooden planks are on the ground. But look closer.

Factory Path.png

Factory Path Close.png

Same show as above. You can see, rather than having a proper end that lines up with the texture on the top, which would result in vertical lines, the texture is flipped so there is no gaps in the planks. While is minor issue, it is still and issue. The plank texture should be flipped.

Planks Front Good

What the side of the plank should look like

Next up is an issue that just looks weird. You see, when you make stair supports you have two options:

1. Make the supports a solid beam.

2. Make the beam out of wedges.

The game creator chose the latter here, and as a result the textures are weird. Rather than having a solid piece of wood going from the top to bottom it looks like a bunch of triangular pieces of wood were stacked on top of each other. And there is no way to fix this while still using wedges outside of changing them to another material.

Stair Case.png

Now, most of the issues in the tycoon are issues with wooden planks.  First we had random issues, next up are issues where the planks are acting as vertical supports. Like the side of this sword station. The wood planks acting as supports should have vertical wood grain, not horizontal.

Sword Area.png

Also the wooden panel on the side should be vertical

That last real example of improper wood grain was this watch tower. The supports and diagonal beams both had improper wood grain, with the texture wrapping around the pillars rather than going along them, length wise.

Tower Bottom.png

This continues at the top of the tower, where more vertical supports have improper wood grain. In addition, the floor should have the texture be vertical at the end facing the camera.

Tower Top.png

So, how was the wood grain? Fairly poor. But honestly, it was better then expected. After seeing so many showcases that have terrible wood grain you would think that the typical front page tycoon would be even worse. But it isn’t. Is it bad, yes. But when you have showcases that are just as bad the wood grain in this tycoon seems par for the course, which means their reputation for bad build quality is undeserved.

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