Hello futuristic cyclists, WoodReviewer here. Now, I’m not sure if any of you have noticed this but I tend to do blog posts with trends; sometimes I do a bunch of tycoons in a row, other times I do a bunch of endorsed model posts in a tow, and the point is that gets kind of boring. Another example of that is focusing too much on Asimo3089. Today I am taking a look at Volt by Team Volt, which includes Asimo3089, Baddcc, and DTF. This will be the seventh post I’ve done on Asimo, meaning a full 10% of my content has been focused solely on his places. Granted Volt is a team build, but still I focus on him a bit too much. However, this should be the last post on him for a while since I’ve gone through most of his past places and his next place isn’t due out for a couple of months.

So seeing as how many places of his I have reviewed, and the fact I made him fix The Wind, lets see if he learned his lessons in Volt.


Well, as you can see there is no wood grain here. I think this is a job well done on my part.

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