Sneaky Ninya-Ninja Temple Training Dojo

Hello uncivilized brutes, WoodReviewer here, today I’m heading back home to Indiana to visit the home of ninjas, pagodas, and dojos in Ninja Training Dojo by Nefix. This place is a bit older, but back in the day it was the pinnacle of a showcase that was a game; all other games were either showcases with no interactivity or games with low detail buildings. So lets see how the best wood grain of the pass compares to the “best” wood grain of today.


The journey to become a ninja master began on the outskirts of the map, by a fire in the early morning. Near the fire was this lamp post, which had good wood grain on the upper support, unfortunately the lower support had improper wood grain.


When dawn arrived I left the starting island on this wooden bridge. Although the fact there were gaps in between the parts of the bridge, the wood grain on it was fine so the bridge felt safe to cross.


Moving on past the bridge was the first ninja test: these jumping poles. Unfortunately, all of them had bad wood grain one two sides, and good wood grain on one side.


Continuing the training was this obstacle course. Most of the wood grain acceptable, but this rotating beam around the halfway point had improper wood grain, and was so unsafe I was forced to abort the course.


As night fell, I took shelter in a small building. Inside I found issues with this table’s legs. Like the jumping pillars, it had proper wood grain one two sides, but improper wood grain on the other two.


Continuing these theme, moving on through the building this doorway had the same issue with half the sides having proper wood grain while the other two sides did not. In addition, the small bridge and railing both had improper wood grain.


One last issue with the building were these decorative wooden pieces inside the wall. They had improper wood grain with the grain wrapping around the pieces, rather than going along the parts length wise.


With another sunrise I headed out to continue my journey to the ninja dojo. Alone the way I came across this training circle, covered by a small roof. However the supports for the roof all had improper wood grain, meaning the roof was more dangerous than the protection it provided.


Near the training circle was a bow and arrow firing range that was marked off with wooden boards. The boards were OK; however the spikes used to keep them in place had improper wood grain. This is a serious issue as firing ranges should always be secured to prevent accidents.


Moving on, I started my final approach on the training dojo.


The first step was to get across these jumping pillars to get onto the mountain with the dojo. Like the other jumping pillars, these ones had bad wood grain one two sides, making them dangerous to step on. Luckily, due to skill and an abuse of the fire crossbow, I was able to avoid the pillars and simply climb the mountain.


On the other side I was greeted by some lamps and another wooden bridge. Much like the lamps and bridge I encountered earlier, the bridge had proper wood grain while the lamps posts had improper wood grain.


And on the other side of the bridge I was greeted with more bad posts for more lamps, and some bad wood grain on the vertical supports of a ladder.


As night fell I finally approached the dojo.


When I entered it I was saw the same bad wood grain I saw in the smaller building I stayed in the night before, both on the door way and the wooden decorations in the walls. While this building was clearly more important, it shared the same improper building techniques.


Going to the super story I was greeted by a surprise: the steps on the ladder had improper wood grain. Normally for ladders only the vertical supports have improper wood grain, with the steps being just fine. This was very unusual for most builders.


As the sun rose, I reached the upper chamber of the dojo. Unfortunately, the bad wall decorations ruined this otherwise picturesque photo. With no one else there, I claimed the title of Ninja Master Supreme Wood Grain Model Overlord WoodReviewer, furthering my goal to help get rid of improper wood grain on ROBLOX.


I just wish the other ninjas who built this dojo would have learned my lessons for proper wood grain. While the wood grain is not any worse than current games, it also is not any better. What is more curious is that this place was built with the old wooden texture, which proves a theory I’ve held for a long time: It does not matter what texture people used when they build structures out of wood, they don’t care and ignore it anyway.

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