WoodGear 2-Jeep Obby 2

Today on Wood Gear

I have car trouble.


Then things get worse.


And then I look at some rocks.


Welcome, welcome, WoodReviewer here, time for a much belated second edition of Wood Gear. It has been a while since the last one, and in the time Chris Evans’ entire career as a Top Gear host has passed. Today I am taking a drive around Jeep Obby 2 by Orange12345. Our goal today is simple: get to the end of the obby. And this time, not multiple personalities to get annoyed by.


The journey today began at the top of Mount Willies, with the regular Jeep. It is the only option available for free, and since the currency system was down today, it was truly my only option for my journey.


The first obstacle that I encountered was this ramp. It was a ramp. Surprisingly, it actually had proper wood grain, which is unusual in places.


Luckily, the normal bad wood grain soon returned, and in blatantly obvious fashion: These boards all had improper wood grain, with the grain following the short, not long, direction of the board. The same issue was present on the boards that my Jeep was on.


Going down the ramp, there was a surprise: This ramp had bad wood grain. While the fact it had bad wood grain is not a surprise, it was the fact the other ramp had proper wood grain. Usually similar items like this are copy and pasted, so either both had bad wood grain or neither do.


Luckily if you wanted to skip the who ramp thing, you could just cut inside the building. It was quicker and easier than taking the ramps, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t take it.


Continuing on, the next obstacle was this bridge. It had some holes in it, but that was not the issues. While the main planks were correct, the supports on the side had improper wood grain.


On both the top and the bottom of the beams, the wood grain went along the short side of the brick, while it should follow the long sides, from one end of the bridge to the next. The wood grain was the real danger with this bridge.


Continuing on, the next obstacle were this wooden ramps and this sign. The post for the sign was the problem here, with horizontal wood grain rather than proper vertical wood grain that goes up the post for the sign.


The wooden bumps also had issues. The grain should go across the bricks, from side to side, since that is the longest side of the brick.


Please ignore the other obstacles. This is only about the wood grain.

The next obstacle I came across was this bridge. At first, it was just this support.


But a minute later I circled around for the rest of it. The large pillar in the previous image was incorrect because the grain should go up and down, since it was a vertical support. But then things get weird. Remember the first bridge, where the support beams were incorrect and the boards were correct? It is flipped here. The support beams are correct, with the grain stretching lengthwise along them. However, the boards do not have the grain stretching lengthwise along them.


Although the asset for the bridge looks reused, like the ramp, it is odd both versions are different if they were copied.


Next up, these spikes. Much like the ramp that started the course, these spikes were correct with the grain stretching along them length wise.


And with the spikes, the course ended. All the obstacles were passed, and the game was complete, and luckily, the obstacles started and ended on a high note, with the initial ramp and final spikes both having proper wood grain.


And that was the completed course. Honestly, it was a fairly quick course. Well, past the first 3 obstacles. They took about 45 minutes and 3 dozen attempts to complete, while getting from the second to third and the the finish took 5 minutes and one attempt. But into the pressing matter, how was the wood grain? Not very good. It had its ups with the ramp and spikes, but otherwise it was fairly bad. However, there was one more thing I need to mention: That was all the bad wood grain in the course.


However, in the victory area there was this ramp that was made with planks. And the side of the ramp was bad. The side of the planks should follow the top and go along with the jump, not vertical to the wood. So, the course was bad, and the victory area was bad. Overall, another game with bad wood grain.


And on that very minor bombshell, goodnight everyone. I hope to see you before another rotation of Top Gears hosts get fired.

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