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Hello future entrepreneurs of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at Game Development Tycoon by Dominute Games. Yes, another tycoon. I know some people look down at tycoons, but that is not my place to judge. My only place to judge is the wood grain in a place, and all games, even tycoons and obstacle courses, fall under my jurisdiction. So I will review it as a reminder no one can escape my wrath.


The game starts you off in a small garage where you begin making games. This set up is similar to how I make my reviews, complete with the spare breakfast pizza under the bed.

However, unlike my real room this room has improper wood grain on the book shelf. On the side supports, the wood grain should go vertical, from the bottom to top, and the shelves should have wood grain that connects the sides, from side to side. In addition, the support on the desk is improper and should go vertical, similar to how the sides of the bookcase should go.


Next up are the drawers. There are a few issues here; first they are just boxes stacked on top of each other so you can’t open them. Second, if you could open them, the bed would be in the way. As for the actual wood grain, for what it is it is OK. However, if drawers had a side, the wood grain should go vertical, not horizontal. But the front of the drawers and the handles are OK.


After several minutes of clicking a computer screen I was able to expand my business into a larger building. Unfortunately, there were no options to buy proper wood grain. This main sign had improper wood grain on the side supports, with the wood grain being horizontal rather than vertical.


Behind the sign this tree had a similar issue. For those of you who are new here, I don’t care which direction wood grain faces when it is acting as bark on a tree. However, I do care when the bark faces in different directions on the limbs of the tree. In this case, on some parts of branches the wood grain wraps around the branch, while on others the grain goes along it. I don’t care which way it goes; I just want all the branches to go the same way.


Next up was this bench. Long time readers may remember this from my blog post on CSG Issues with endorsed models. The issues are the wooden parts should have the grain go across the metal parts, connecting them.


This is what the fixed version looks like, if you didn’t click the link to read my old post.

Bench 2 of 2

Moving inside the building, it is time to start looking at the employees and what they do. Again, this is similar to what I do, only I use trained monkeys instead of humans for tax reasons. Quality suffers a bit, but the subsidies for importing large amounts of bananas make up for it. On to the wood issues, the main desk has improper wood grain. The wood on the top of the desk should go the long way, so in the front side to side, so the grain stenches the long way across the wood. As for the main body of the desk it is the same issue; the wood grain should follow the longest length of the wood.


Moving on the desks of the unpaid interns, there is a similar issue with the wood not stretching the long way along the boards. In this case, the top of the desk should have the grain connect the two sides of the desk, and the main supports for the tower should have vertical wood grain.


This issue with the desk is seen in many places, including the server room in the basement, which has identical issues as the intern’s desk.


Moving upstairs to marketing and management, this cork board had the issues with the frame. The top and bottom of the frame are just fine; it is the sides of the frame that have issues. Instead of having vertical grain, the sides have horizontal grain.


Continuing through marketing, this easel has improper wood grain on the tripod supports. The wood grain should go from the ground to the top, but instead in goes around the parts.


The shelf in the back was also bad, much like the shelves on the bookshelf earlier.

Done with marketing, it was time to move on to management and my office. Unfortunately, I had the same improper desk as the interns in the first floor, however I also had a poorly made shelf. The wood grain on the shelf should go lengthwise on the board, in this case from the window towards my desk.


Also in my office, I had an upgrade from the cork board, with a whiteboard, but it had the same issues with the wood grain on the sides. Even worse, while the cork board had proper wood grain on the trim on the top/bottom, my whiteboard had bad wood grain on the top of these pieces of trim, with the grain going back towards the wall instead of connecting the sides on the very top of the trim.


This was most of the offices, but there was one more issue that needed to be addressed: These crates. They were made by Quenty, and everyone uses them. Quenty has fixed the wood grain on them, but so many people have them in places and building sets that the old versions with bad wood grain keep on getting used and reused. Please top using them, or fix them.  Everytime someone uses them there is a small fight between my monkey staff I need to fix, and monkey fights are a pain to break up.


The last area to look at was the motion capture area. Here, you can see the crates again, and also the shelf from the very beginning. Neither item had the wood grain fixed, so as a reminder, please fix assets before reusing them…


The last piece of improper wood grain was this sword holder. The problem here was with the vertical supports; again, vertical supports should have grain that goes up and down. In addition, the base and the bottom of the Y that holds the sword both have horizontal wood grain on the front face; this is fine, but on the top face both have wood grain that goes front to back. This is wrong, and they should have wood grain similar to the front face.


So, how was the wood grain? Not good. Not good at all. Aside from the drawers and the cork board, I believe basically all the wood grain in the place was incorrect in one way or another. This is a feat that even Asimo3089 struggles at, to make all the wood grain bad. With so much bad wood, it is easily the worst place I have reviewer so far, and whoever helped to make it should feel bad. Aside for Quenty. He made up for his sins, it is up to others to use the correct model.



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