Derailed-King’s Landing

Hello there coaster enthusiasts of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at the King’s Landing Amusement Park by Crow_Crow. Some of you may not be aware of this, but when I’m not on the internet complaining about wood grain I enjoy spending my time at amusement parks. Or, more specifically since amusement parks can be a bit expensive to travel to, complaining on the internet about how Cedar Point should give Mean Streak an RMC makeover. But with topper track rather than I-box so it can stay a wooden coaster. However this blog is not about wild coaster speculation or to bash Vekoma giant inverted boomerangs, but to look at wood grain, so lets start with that.


The first thing I noticed right when I entered the park was this sign that was suppose to guide you to the different rides. However, the wood grain on the vertical post was incorrect. For those who are unfamiliar, wood grain should go along the longest sides of a board. In this case, because the board is vertical the wood grain should go from the base of the sign to the top. It does not, hence why it is weak and improper.


Continuing on through the park, the first ride I went on was the largest in the park, Colossus. It then became clear as to why the park was WIP as the coaster decided it was in Scotland and left the track. For most reviewers this would be a sign the game isn’t done and the proper review should be held off. However, I did not do that when I reviewed ROBLOX Point so it would be unfair to do that now. Also, the wood grain is the same regardless of if the coasters work or not.


Leaving Colossus I took a look around at some scenery. Included in the scenery was this little shop thing. Much like the sign post from earlier, the supports for the door way and the windows both had a vertical board, yet they did not have the proper vertical wood grain. The lack of proper vertical grain on boards was very common.


When I got inline for Rumbler, it had the same issues with the vertical supports for the track having improper wood grain.

PTC Line.png

The diagonal supports were also incorrect

Taking a closer look at the actual track, the improper wood grain continued to show up. First, this decorative flag post again had improper vertical wood grain. In addition, the railing and walkway along the side of the track had improper wood grain. On the lift hill, both pieces went from the bottom of the hill to the top. However, the wood grain did not follow this and go along the board and instead wrapped around the board.

PTC Lift.png

Even though Rumbler was a fairly small coaster, the improper wood grain was still very bad. Take this turnaround, for example. In addition to the railings and walkway still being bad, you can see all the vertical supports again had improper wood grain.

PTC Turn.png

Unfortunately, Rumbler was the only wooden coaster at the park that I could inspect. Also unfortunately there was still more bad wood grain around the park. On my way to my next ride I saw this decorative wind mill. However, as you can see the vertical supports again had improper wood grain, and this continued to the diagonal supports.


Also nearby was this house which, you guessed it, had bad wood grain on the vertical support for the roof. It also had bad wood grain on the steps; the wood grain on the steps should stretch from one side of the house to the other, but it instead goes from the front to the back of the steps.


Moving onto another ride, it is time to look at The Rover, a steel coaster. Normally you wouldn’t expect a steel coaster to have bad wood grain since they are made of steel. You are mostly correct if you are not talking about hybrid coasters. However, The Rover has a wooden waiting area, and as you can see, it still had improper wood grain on vertical posts. In this case, on posts for the railings.

S Line.png

The main supports for the queue path.

S line 2.png

And finally the supports for the station roof. In addition, you can see the top face of the railings are incorrect, with the wood grain going front to back on the board, not stretching from one end to the other.

S line 3.png

The last ride with wood for today is the Avalanche, which had improper wood grain on the vertical supports in the queue path again.


So that was most of the game. As I mentioned it is currently WIP. Also, in the 12 hours between when I took the pictures and wrote the main body of the review and when I am publishing this, the place is now closed. Some people may think it is poor form to publish a review of a closed place, but if I did not publish my review on EGTV Super Arcade Minigames yesterday this review would have gone up while it was still open. In addition, I consider the bad wood grain at King’s Landing to be in bad form, so I think Crow_Crow and I are even in the bad form department. Still, the game seems like it has potential and I hope the wood grain is fixed for its re-release so it does not hamper the game like it does now.


1 thought on “Derailed-King’s Landing

  1. Donald Trump

    I’m a roller coaster enthusiast, who also playes ROBLOX like you! I would like to say that, Crow_Crow should RMC Rumbler. I would mean not that much wood but also, not a lot of bad wood grain wood. That will probably never happen. 😀



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