Z Fighting-RBXDev Offices Part 5

Hello lovers of smooth and correct textures, WoodReviewer here. Today is the last day of my look at texture clipping on ROBLOX. Depressing, no? I’m sure some of you are upset that complaining about an actual issue is going away, but based on what people have been showing off on Twitter I am needed again to complain to people about all the improper wood grain that exists. But the wood reviewing starts again tomorrow; today it is time to take a look at some examples of texture clipping inside of the RBXDev office buildings. First off is an example of someone using proper building techniques to get rid of texture clipping.

Ladder Good.png

This ladder was in Mightty’s office. It is hard to see, but if you look closely at where the top of the two sides of the ladder meet you can see one has a slight offset from the other one. Here is a slight close up with the colors changed.

Ladder Closeup.png

Although it isn’t much, and the two bricks wouldn’t have much texture clipping, that little offset stops any texture clipping from occurring. If the wood grain on the ladder was correct I’d almost like this ladder.

Moving on from good non-texture clipping it is time to look at some bad texture clipping, in the fact that there is texture clipping. This example comes from supahhclayron’s office. In it he has some shelves, and as you can see the vertical and horizontal pieces intersect and it causes texture clipping.

Shelf Bad.png

This was really easy to fix without increasing brick count. First, I lowered the vertical pieces so they would not clip with the top piece. Next I resized all the horizontal pieces, aside from the top, back by .2 studs. While it is true resizing them by as little as .01 studs could get rid of texture clipping, I believe it looks better to have a much more noticeable offset similar to most real shelves.

Shelf Good.png Moving on from offsets and resizing, time to look at CSG and how it can help save stop texture clipping. First up, this  case for a wire cable in Sofloann’s office. As you can see, there is texure clipping. While you could resize it or offset it, since it is metal it should really be one whole piece. Thankfully that is why we have the ability to union bricks together.

Soflann Bad.png

Even though resource wise unioning may cost more, there are plenty of other unions so that one more won’t hurt, and there is no doubt diamond plate looks better as one solid piece.

Soflann Good.png

Next up is a fairly small issue with this fence in this office by BlastB00M. In it, the fence has several vertical and horizontal supports, and well as these circular decorations. The circular decorations cause the problem, and clip with the supports.

Fence Bad.png

Because unions are already in use, I just unioned a small section of the supports with the small quarter circle. If you want you can also just negate the supports from the quarter circle. However, that does not reduce brick or union count, while this keeps the same amount of unions and lowers the brick count.

Fence Piece.png

Then you just repeat this in the original pattern a few times and it is fixed. Not much effort.

Fence Good.png

Now, for most of these examples, not just in this post but in all of them, I get annoyed at people, but I never thing that their building is bad; I always see reasons for it. But in this last example there is an example that I genuinely consider bad building. It is in Younite’s office. In it is this large rug.

Large Disk.png

And these disks on the walls. The ones on the walls have obvious texture clipping.

Disks Far.png

And the one on the floor, while not obvious, has some ad moderate distances.

Large Disk Far.png

All the disks here do have an offset, but not enough to prevent clipping. For the wall disks if you offset it by .01 it is not enough. Even if you offset it by .05 it removes the clipping up close.

Two Options.png

But from a distance it returns.

Disk .05.png

While you can offset it from the wall, remember there are four cylinders. So if you offset each by .05, the total offset comes to .2 studs for the entire circle.

Small Disk Close.png

“But WoodReviewer, just union it”

I can’t. I don’t mean I can’t as in it is hard, but as in ROBLOX won’t let me; each cylinder is already a union, and each union has 2,206 triangles. The CSG limit it 2,500. Now, it is possible for make them with unions, you just need to remake all of them. There are some versions of the rug, for example. The left one is with custom cylinders with 30 sides; the one in the middle are the default ROBLOX cylinders, and the one on the right is the original from the office.

Circles comparison.png

So, why does this annoy me so much? The rug I made with ROBLOX cylinders have 384 triangles for the entire rug; the one with 40 sides has 748 cylinders for the entire rug. The original rug has 2,206 triangles for each cylinder, or 8,824 triangles for all four cylinders. That is just an insanely large amount of triangles. Even if you make a cylinder with 110 sides it only has 884 triangles. My point is that, as far as unions go, the originals are insanely wasteful with overly complex unions for cylinders for little to no benefit, and as a result the office is filled with texture clipping.

So that is a wrap with texture clipping. I hope that for some people this week long break from wood grain was useful. While not as obvious or in as many places, texture clipping is a major annoyance in many games and many people ignore it. Hopefully there will be less of it in games in the future, but based on how my crusade against bad wood grain has gone, don’t hope for it.


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