Starting Place-Template Places Part 10

Hello starting players of ROBLOX, Supreme Wood Grain Ninja Master Model Overlord WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at the basics. More specifically, I am taking a look at the default ROBLOX starting place, Starting Place. For those who are new and may not have any idea what I am talking about, ROBLOX is an online game where you can create games. Some of those games have wood textures in them. I am here to make sure the wood texture is used correctly. Of course, not all players can create games, so ROBLOX pre-built some to give new users a starting point. I am here to ensure that the wood grain in these places is correct.

Start Sign.png

The first issue when you spawn into the starting place is, well, the spawn point.

Spawn bad.png

This is an issue that most people ignore, but I don’t because it is my job and I don’t get paid to do it. You see, for wooden planks the texture on top should match the textures on the side. So in this case since the top texture says there should be gaps in the brick, the side texture should follow this example.

Spawn good.png

See how not it looks like the brick isn’t some weird texture, but rather a bunch of wooden boards laying next to each other? Much better.

Since I started with wooden planks, lets ignore the other issues and just look at them for now, shall we? First off, basically the same exact thing.

brick bad.png

Although here you can see the third side better, and see how it looks like boards put together.

brick good.png

Next up, again, basically the same thing, but this time in an actual build rather than just with bricks on the ground.

Banister Bad.png

Small things like this just annoy me. Overall they aren’t hard to fix, just a simple texture flip with a plugin.

banister good.png

There was one last issue with the wooden planks, and it was on the stairs. Again, the end pieces do not match with the line son the top.

stairs bad.png

This is how they should go.

stairs good.png

However, this is also a bit of a grey area. Because the stairs are one studs, and the average board length on ROBLOX is slightly more than one stud, you can’t actually see the line on top of the stairs, so you can’t see the line that needs to match. So really, either way can be correct, I just prefer the second way.

Moving away from wooden planks, however, it is time to look at regular wood grain. The most noticeable, and frequent, example of bad wood grain was on this chest. It is not just the fact this one chest had bad wood grain on the vertical sections, but that this chest is in 7 locations on the map. And because the welds need to be fixed each time, is is slightly more complicated than just flipping textures.

Chest side bad.png

It also has issues with texture clipping, but that was last week

As you can see here, the vertical supports on the side are now correct, as is the diagonal sections near the top.

Chest side good.png

Next up on the chest were the small areas on the bottom of the dark brown piece across the front. This, and some of the lighter pieces, had improper wood grain and needed to be fixed.

chest front bad.png

As I mentioned, just a simple texture flip to fix it, and some minor welding to remake welds that were destroyed in the process.

chest front good.png

The last noticeable example of bad wood grain was on several doors in the place. The door itself had bad wood grain, with horizontal rather than vertical grain. This carried over to the door frame pieces on the side, which also had bad wood grain.

door bad.png

A simple texture flip and all was right in the world.

door good.png

And that was most of the bad wood grain. There were some minor issues elsewhere, such as floors and some walls, but that stuff was hidden so I didn’t feel the need to show it. If you want to look through it yourself, here is the fixed version of the place. However, there was mostly good wood grain in this place. The chair legs, for example, were correct, which is rare for most places.


In addition the billboard signs were correct, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but is notable since they were incorrect when I looked at the racing template place.


Still, it is a shame that all this good wood grain is dragged down by the few examples of improper wood grain. Hopefully whoever made it can quickly fix this, and if not, they can always just take my fixed version and upload it. That is kind of the entire reason why I make the fixed version free to take.

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