Trick-Trick or Tweet in Hallowsville

Hello witches and zombies of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am started the stream of Halloween themed games that are coming out this month with a look at Tick or Tweet in Hallowsville by Team Nexus, lead by Lion2323.


The game takes place in a small little town that is filled with various monsters/talking pumpkins that require you to do various tasks for them, like finding brains or catching bats that robbed a bank. But that stuff doesn’t involve me; I just care about the wood grain.

Lets start out with this table that sells various candy bags. It is made with wooden planks, and many of them are wrong. The legs, for example, have horizontal planks, rather than vertical planks.


The top of the table is also bad, with the lines on the top of the planks not matching up with the sides of the planks. Look at this piece, for example. The black lines that represent gaps in the planks on top of the brick align with the lines on the side of the planks, making it appear that on side has the end of the boards lined up together.


Another issue with that table was that the planks did not stretch between the leg supports. For example, in the witches hut the planks did this, but they did not have the proper lines on the end pieces, and the table legs were also incorrect.

Witch table.png

The witches hut had a similar problem, with the main support for the roof not having proper vertical wood grain.


One last major issue with wooden planks were the shelves in the costume shop. The main issue here  is that the grain does not connect from the sides, where the metal post is. Regardless of that issue, the gaps in the planks on the edge also do not match with the gaps in the plank on the top/bottom of the brick.


Moving to regular wood grain, this sign board had improper wood grain on the wooden supports. Here the grain should go from the ground to the sign, but it does not.


The last example of bad wood grain in the town center was this fence around the pumpkin patch. The vertical supports for the fence all had horizontal wood grain, rather than the correct vertical wood grain. In addition, the actual fences pieced had bad wood grain.


In this close up, you can see that the front face was correct, with the grain stretching between the posts. However, the top face was incorrect, with the grain going from front to back, not between the fence posts.

Fence close.png

Moving on from the town center, it was time to look at the houses where you actually get candy from.


First issue was the mail box. The wooden pole it was on was bad.


Moving towards the house, the supports for the roof over the porch were incorrect, with horizontal rather than vertical wood grain. In addition, the parts that connected the bottom and the top of the railing also had improper wood grain.


Atleast the actual railing was correct

On one last note, the trim on the house was also incorrect, with the vertical pieces of the window and door frame all having improper horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


So, not too many issues with the house. Atleast there were only a few issues, only about a minute to fix per house. Luckily there was only one house, not dozens of them that all needed to be fixed.


Technically 3 dozen plus 2 houses

Overall, the monsters weren’t the scariest thing in Hallowsville, it was the wood grain. There were numerous examples of structurally weak wood grain, whether is is porch supports, fence supports, or window trim. This is magnified by the fact that the houses are all copied and pasted. This is not normally an issue, but is an issue when all the houses have numerous examples of improper wood grain that need to be fixed.

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