Short Supply-RBXDev Offices Part 6

Hello fellow devs waiting for RBXDev to come back online, WoodReviewer here. Today it is once again time to look at the very best building showcases that the best ROBLOX devs have been able to create at the RBXDev Offices. This is the continuiation of a series of posts on the offices, but as for the foreseeable future this will be the last post. Not out of choice, but simply because there are not enough offices for another post. So if you want more of these posts, be sure to annoy friends in RBXDev to submit more offices.

The first office for today was by Leates. It had no wood grain.


Next up was this farm-based office by TheNickmaster21 who took the phrase “the outdoors is my office” to the extreme. There is not much to see here, with the only wood grain being on the bark of the trees.


And because the direction of the grain on the trees is consistent, always wrapping around the trees, the wood grain is correct. So far, so good with offices batting 2 for 2 for not  having bad grain.


Next up is this office by Mister_Mystery. This seems like a prime contender to break the streak of offices not having bad wood grain, however surprisingly it does a reasonably good job.


On the outside all the wood grain is correct on the supports, aside from this small window. In a perfect world, the grain should follow the direction of the circle. It does not and goes directly across the circle. However, this piece of wood is in the area being small enough where it could physically be carved out of a single block of wood. Because of that, I think I should give it the benefit of the doubt and say it is correct.


Next up on possible trouble areas is the top of this door. The vertical piece on the top looks incorrect when looked at separate from the rest of the door. However, the door appears to be a solid piece of wood with the window cut out from it, so the grain matches that. So again, benefit of the doubt, it is good enough.


The next case of slightly questionable wood grain is the decorative pieces on the bottom of the chairs. The main issue here is with the central decorations, where the wood runs front to back while the grain goes side to side. This is incorrect and structurally weak. Ultimately this is what ruins the place from having proper wood grain as it is easy to fix. In fact, looking through the place the wood grain was correct originally, but broken when the parts were ruined together.


Overall, that was a shame as all the rest of the wood grain, including trim and the wooden planks, were correct. One small detail ruined the chances for the whole office having proper grain.


Next up was the office by HomingBeacon. As you can see, the walls had a bunch of wood grain, but it was all correct, with the grain running along the long way of the wall.

Homing Beacon.png

However, inside we once again see my nemesis: chair legs. The wood grain here should be vertical, going from the floor to the bottom of the chair, not horizontal. So this set of offices, that started out 2 for 2, is not at 2 for 4.


The next office by FierceByte has no wood grain, so it does improve the average to 3 for 5.


The last office for today was by zKevin.


It does not have good wood grain; the chair legs and back are both incorrect, with the seat having correct wood grain. Again, the chairs always get people. I’m not sure why, but no one understands how chairs work.


And that were the six sacrifices for today. Three offices had bad wood grain, one had proper wood grain, and two lacked any grain. This is about par for the course, although Mister_Mystery’s office had much more proper wood grain than many other offices, it just came a bit short with some details. As I mentioned, until more offices are added I am out of reviews to do, and with how things are looking now the RBXDev offices have a shameful amount of bad wood grain. Maybe the new offices can fix this, maybe they’ll make it worse. But until then, the grain is just terrible.

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