Pizza Builder-Freddy’s Tycoon 3

Hello lovers of deranged mechanical dancing bears, WoodReviewer here, today it is time for a new game; so new that it is not even out yet. Well, it was out for a while but then shut down due to bugs. I’m not sure what those bugs were, but I am fairly certain none of the bugs that cause a game to be shut down have anything to do with wood grain. If they did, a lot more game should be shut down. I know some may consider it in poor taste to review a game while it is shut down, but when is a better time to fix the wood grain then while the game is already down for maintenance? But what game am I reviewing? Well, if you haven’t figured out that I include the game names in the title of my reviews, today I am taking a look at Freddy’s Tycoon 3 by Kmansong2.


The game is not a tycoon in the typical sense of the word; normally tycoons have some monetary system and as you upgrade your tycoon you upgrade how much money you make, usually with some decorative items. That is sort of the thing here, but there are only four possible things you can buy, with a vast majority of the stuff you can buy having no effect on your income. The money machines do have some wood grain, but it is fine.


Moving inside the pizzeria there is some wood grain on the sun on the back of the stage and on some trim around the stage, but the wood grain on those items is all correct.


In all honesty, there was not much wood grain in the entire tycoon. Aside from the stage, the only piece of wood grain was this shelf in the supply closet. But unlike the stage, it did have improper wood grain; the vertical supports on the side had improper horizontal wood grain rather than vertical wood grain, and the shelves had wood grain that stretched from front to back on the shelf, instead of side to side to connect to the supports.


That was all of the wood grain in the tycoon. Unfortunately, there was also more wood grain in this random, completely separate role-play area of the game.


Here is a sign that explains this area. Unfortunately, the sign had improper wood grain. On both the top and side faces, the wood grain went front to back instead of side to side like the front face. One of these faces should have wood grain that stretches along the face the long way, and because the front face stretches side to side, so should to top face.


The last issue in the role play area was this door. As you can see, the front face has vertical wood grain. This is correct. And because the door is one piece of wood, it is OK that the top part of the door had vertical wood grain, even though it seems like it should have horizontal wood grain. However, there are issues where it comes to the sides of the door. As you can see in the cutout for the windows, the vertical window support and the side of the door have horizontal rather than vertical wood grain.


You can also see this when the door is open; the side faces should all have vertical wood grain like the front face.


And that was all of the bad wood grain. Not a lot, but there also was not a bunch of bad wood grain in the place. Even accounting for the door being reused in every house, there were only a dozen or so bad doors. They should be an easy fix. As for the shelves, again, a very quick and easy fix with simply texture flipping 6 bricks for the correct the wood grain. Overall, the game is not the worse; nowhere near as bad as what Asimo or GollyGreg. Hopefully when the game is reopened the wood grain can be fixed, so those who were unable to play it while it was shortly open can enjoy the game with proper wood grain.


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