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Haunted-Halloween 2016

Hello wood-inspecting ROBLOXians. WoodReviewer here, this time I’m inspecting the wood grain in the Halloween 2016  non-event place by Cosmic Nerds. Personally, I don’t care much for Halloween. When I was younger I would just reuse the same costume every year, and stopped trick-or-treating when I figured out it was easier to just spend $10 on candy the next day and get what I want rather than spending 2 hours getting candy that I don’t really like. But enough about childhood traumas, the focus here in on the wood grain.


Ignore the costume; couldn’t figure out how to unequip stuff

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Spirits-ROBLOX High School Halloween

Hello spirit hunters of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, as some of you may be aware, it is now October. It is the glorious time of year where the leave turn colours, a mild chill starts to set in everywhere, and your neighbors that care way too much about Christmas begin to put up their Christmas lights way too early. But before we get there, we still have three holidays to go until we actually get there, with Halloween included. This gives game makers the perfect excuse to decorate their game and, more importantly, it gives me an excuse to look at games I’ve already reviewed that haven’t fixed up their wood grain yet. Today’s victim is ROBLOX High School, since apparently it only takes 8 months to forgive and forget.

As is normal for high school role-play games, I started in the school. Of course, because the the previous incident I was not allowed in the science wing of the school. Still, I was in allowed in the art wing.

Bad grain.png

Atleast for a few minutes until I got kicked out for not actually doing art stuff and just painting on the walls, pointing at every bit of bad wood grain. So I then went off and did what I normally do, annoy the most important person I could find. To do this I went to the teachers area. They still had bad shelves here, but thankfully they were all empty and did not have any chemicals on them that could create giant attack hamsters.


After a few more minutes of moping around the school I went outside and saw this witch area. Thankfully, all the crates had proper wood grain so I can avoid all that. The witch told me that there were a bunch of spirits around that were 100% not caused by a marauding giant hamster that passed through the town 8 months ago. While I wanted to help her get them, I mute ROBLOX games while reviewing them to listen to Saftey Dance and as a result I couldn’t listen for the ghosts in the area.


While it does take sound to find the ghosts that haunt the area, luckily it does not take any sound to spot the bad wood grain. Right near the witch was this fence, which had bad wood grain.


And near the fence was this bench that had bad wood grain on its supports. I know for a fact this bench was added since my last visit, since the last time I saw the benches in this area they were stuck under an overturned tank.


Moving on through the town, one new addition I saw was the spirit store. I believe this was also new, or I just missed it last time because it was on fire. In either case, the wood grain on the vertical parts of the window frames were bad.


Continuing on through the town, I took a stop at the local mall. This store had bad wood grain, with the boards going from front to back, but the grain going from side to side.

Mall 1.png

The next store I stopped in also had bad wood grain, but this time with planks. For the stairs, the grain on the top and front face of the steps should both face the same direction.

Mall 2.png

However, since I’m not really interested in buying clothes, I soon left the mall and continued elsewhere. My next stop was the house buying area, as it seems prices were skyrocketing despite the recent destruction of the town. However, as I am just passing through I wasn’t interested, although I would like to not the grain on the posts holding up the roof here were bad.


Continuing on, I couldn’t really fit this screenshot in a good place but the wood grain on these chair legs is bad, as is tradition for ROBLOX places.


Moving towards the forest, I began to retrace my steps of the last time I visited ROBLOX High School, right before I was chased out of the town. My first stop was this fishing dock which, just as it had during my previous visit, had improper wood grain on the decking for the dock.


Moving through the forest, I stopped at the cabins in the woods. These cabins still had improper wood grain on the vertical supports for the porch.


And with the cabins done, it was once again time for me to leave town. And just as I did last time, my journey ends over looking the ocean, wondering where Zoey is and if she is ok, while also pointing out that the supports for the railings here have bad wood grain.


And while my time here is over, it feels the same as my first visit. While I still don’t take or accept any blame for the giant hamster attack, subsequent plague, housing market crash, or the recent rise is haunting due to said hamster attack, even if I was somehow responsible for any of that I would not feel bad since the town still had bad wood grain. I’ve personally annoyed, for several months, some of the builders, but despite all that none of the wood grain here was fixed, and some of the additions since my first visit have improper wood grain. Hopefully when I come for a third visit, the grain will be fixed. And if not, I accept no blame for the return of the giant hamster.


Fair-Hallows Eve:Blocktoberfest

Hello OP players of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am going to Nerf you with the Blocktoberfest Halloween event, sponsored by Nerf. One thing I need to say is that I was asked before the game was released, in early August, to look at the wood grain before it was released. I asked if I could look at it closer to release, in September or so. But then I forgot because I have a short attention span and often forget what I’m doing, which is why if you ever see me in-game and I am acting confused, I probably am.


Onto the actual game, the game consists of a series of mini-games based around a central county fair area. It is odd, though, because while everything is made to be seem like a fair, the roller coaster resembles a much more permanent launched coaster, rather than the more common traveling Wild Mouse/small looping coasters that frequent fair grounds. Onto the actual wood grain, the central fair area doesn’t have much. That doesn’t mean it had proper wood grain, though, as the costume stands have bad wood grain. Instead of having vertical wood grain on the legs and main support, it has horizontal wood grain.

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