Haunted-Halloween 2016

Hello wood-inspecting ROBLOXians. WoodReviewer here, this time I’m inspecting the wood grain in the Halloween 2016  non-event place by Cosmic Nerds. Personally, I don’t care much for Halloween. When I was younger I would just reuse the same costume every year, and stopped trick-or-treating when I figured out it was easier to just spend $10 on candy the next day and get what I want rather than spending 2 hours getting candy that I don’t really like. But enough about childhood traumas, the focus here in on the wood grain.


Ignore the costume; couldn’t figure out how to unequip stuff

Obviously since this game is based around trick-or-treating, the first thing that needs to be inspected are the doors. They are not okay; proper doors should have the grain going along the long side of the door. In this case, because the door is taller than it is wide, the grain should be vertical on the door. This is a fairly small issue for each door, but seeing as how it is on incorrect on all 80 or so houses, it is a fairly large issue overall.

Another issue for the 80 or so houses are the windows. While a slightly smaller issue than the doors due to the fact they are static, the issue comes from the fact that all parts of the frame are incorrect; all the vertical parts have improper wood grain, and the horizontal parts have correct grain on the front, but improper grain on the top/side. And while the houses have 1 door per house, some houses have 4-8 windows per house that need to be fixed. Unless the windows are treated as assets and there is only one master window that gets cloned; then the problem is slightly easier to fix.


Next up in the town were the fences. Surprisingly, they were mostly OK; the main board went from side to side. Granted the fences were all one piece made from 100 foot trees, it was OK. The main issue here are the diagonal supports, which stretch from the corner to the the side at a 45 degree angle. The grain should follow these supports, but instead wraps around it.


Another issue in the town was the sandbox in the park. The issue here was that it appears to be one part that was unioned together. As a result, while the board to my right had proper wood grain, stretching front to back, the board to my left does not, and the only way to fix this is to separate the union.


However, the town was not the only part of the place. There was also a graveyard. The only wood here was on the crypt, which had proper wood grain.


There was also a swamp. There was no wood grain in it.


And this other major area that is yet to be released and I am 100% not to blame for it being late.


But there was one more little side area to look at, some random houses in the swamp. First off, the corner supports on the houses had improper horizontal wood grain, rather than the correct vertical wood grain.

Swamp Support.png

Next up were the doors on these houses. The grain here was awkward, with most parts not having the grain follow the board lengthwise. In addition, some CSG was used, causing some awkward boards that have the grain going at a 45 degree angle to the direction of the board.

Swamp door.png

Still, the even overall seemed fairly polished, so lets end this review with one thing I liked: The circular(or square) grain on these random logs was nice.

Tree squares.png

Unfortunately, as good as those logs were, they were not enough to make up for the rest of the bad grain throughout the rest of the map. Since the unfinished area is a mansion, I can only assume there will be more wood grain there, probably bad just like in the rest of the game. Normally I’d rant about ROBLOX needing higher standards, but this wasn’t an official event so that isn’t needed. Still, the wood grain should be better.

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