Interest-Bank Tycoon

Hello adventure capitalists of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at another tycoon in  the form of Bank Tycoon. Now some people may be curious why I am wasting my time with tycoons recently. The truth is I just felt like playing some tycoons because I felt like it. Not really any other reason. And while I’m playing them, no better way to pass the time while you wait for your money amount to increase then to inspect the local wood in the area. For the bank, lets start at the front and work towards the back.


The most obvious thing with the front of the bank are the wooden doors. These doors were reused several times, as you can see by the front of the bank, and were the most common source of bad wood grain through the game. As you can see, while the horizontal parts are proper, the vertical parts that seperate the glass have improper horizontal wood grain.


Aside from the outside doors, the bad grain was present on the interior doors, such as this door the protected the majestic spinning cube matrix.


The cube matrix was really trippy, though.


The last piece of bad wood grain was on the benches inside the bank. This bench was seen in an early blog post of mine on endorsed models, and seeing as the original hasn’t been fixed it is not a real surprise that it is still broke when reused in places.


That was all there was in the place; two models with bad wood grain that were reused a dozen or so times each. As such, the wood grain here was terrible. Some people may consider Bank Tycoon a bit small to have an individual review on it; they are probably correct. However, it is also important to remind everyone on ROBLOX that no matter how big, or small, your game is, it will be reviewed eventually, and if it has bad wood grain it will suffer the scorn of the literal couple of people that still read these reviews.


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