WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 22

Hello sleep lovers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, and it is now time for Day 22 of my Advent Calendar. 22 days done, just three to go. Or three to go after today. I believe. Or I could have massively messed something up and have more or less days, but I feel like if I did someone would have told me about the mistake by now. But that is for future me to worry about, current me has to show you a picture of a window.


And inside of the window joining the ranks of several items of being exactly 8 studs long to fit inside the box is a bed.


Fun fact that I don’t really have a transition for, but back in 2009 or 2010, ROBLOX actually banned beds from places for a few months because of online daters. Of course this was undone after a short while when people constantly reported ROBLOX’s own assets since ROBLOX had some official beds as assets, along with some official games having beds of their own.


But enough of the history lesson that I believe happened and I totally did not make up in my head, this bed is a fairly basic bed. The only noteworthy feature is the robust headboard, which was made with some beams and my wooden plank texture.


Aside from that the bed is mostly the bed legs, outer frame, and the supports for the mattress. The mattress boards to have a second piece of wood holding them up if you want to unanchor and unweld them for some reason, but I’m not sure why you would do that.


Overall, it is a nice, basic bed. Not much more to say really.

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