State of the Wood Grain

Hello interested followers who want to see behind, WoodReviewer here. 2016 is fast coming to a close, and with 2017 started up I feel like it is time for some minor changes. Nothing major, just some small changes on how thing will go and some explanations of why some things have occurred.

Where are Endorsed Models/Template Place Reviews?

They are coming back. Now, some of you are curious as to who I am, and I am WoodReviewer. But I do have several sources at ROBLOX HQ that tell me things before the average person knows, and even some devs. For example, ROBLOX removing tickets was not announced until March of this year. I knew about that in December of last year. I also know of one unannounced Hack-Week project and a game that is being released along with it, and another fairly large ROBLOX change coming in early to mid 2017. I can’t say what, my point is I know things. One thing I knew was the recent announcement on the Dev Forums that welds will be getting changed soon. I knew about some of these changes back in October when I did my last template place review, and decided to hold off on doing more since these changes will literally save hours fixing up wood grain in models and places. So expect them to return when the weld update drops.

Are doing less reviews?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Maybe. Basically, how I have been doing reviews is that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I put out a review, as you can see by these site stats.


However, I would only publish a post then. Sometimes that would mean a post titled “…” would go 2-3 weeks without being published. But then when I got around to those they would push back other posts, leading to more delayed posts, and so on. At the start of December I trashed all the incomplete posts, 8 in total.

Starting now, Friday will be my main post day, with a post being made every Friday. These will all be full game reviews or major showcase reviews. Monday will be a minor showcase or other review. This will include endorsed models, template places, or any other odd post I feel like need to be made. This goes back to my original posting plan that I kept for less than a week before I made added my Wednesday post slot after my 3rd review. However, Wednesday will stay on as the “overflow” slot. Don’t expect posts on Wednesday, but if I have a bunch of showcases to review, want to get a review out ASAP for some reason, or have a game that needs multiple reviews due to the map size/quantity, Wednesday will have a review.

So, basically, Friday will be game reviews, Monday will be showcase/endorsed model/template places, and Wednesday will be a day if I have Friday’s review done but want a third post made for the week.

Advent Calendar 2017?

Unsure. If it does happen it won’t be in December. One issue I ran across is that I did not want to do any reviews while it was going on in order to not spam my site with posts anymore than the advent calendar already did. But December has a bunch of holiday themed games that I want to make room for. I may do it the same way I did it this year but in November. May keep it just to Twitter. May only have a weekly, not daily, update. Not entirely sure yet. One thing that will be certain is that it will be pre-made before it starts opening so I won’t be in a situation where I am waiting for a post to go up because of issues waiting for images or meshes to be approved. This will also ensure that if something happens I have time to adjust or wait instead of having to change my plans.

Completely unrelated to the last two sentences, but be sure to tell Vivi she is a doofus.

Anything Else?

Not really. Something may change in the Spring/Summer, but I’m not sure how it will change, or if it will change. My review quality should improve back to what it was in the Spring/Summer as I rush them out less, but it shouldn’t be that noticeable. Hopefully I will do more larger games, such as RPGs, that take more time to review than the average front page game.


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