The Depths-The Quarry

Hello interested miners of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, and welcome to 2017. Yep, 2016 is now over, and with the new year I decided I wanted to start the year off like how 2016 ended, with a place that has proper wood grain. You know, to set the tone for the year and hopefully review more games with proper wood grain. And, after several days of searching every lead I could find for another game with proper wood grain, I came up empty handed. Guess not everyone can be as good as Tinfoillbot. So with no games with proper wood grain to review I had to settle on something with bad wood grain, and that is how we arrive at The Quarry by Dummiez. Or atleast the winter map for it.


There were also deer

To be honest there isn’t any wood grain in the actual quarry. It is mostly just dirt and rocks and ore. All the actual wood is in the buildings surrounding the quarry.


But before we go and bash all the bad wood grain here, lets acknowledge the good wood grain for a while, such as these crates. They have proper wood grain, even if they are not using a grain that is based on the grain pattern ROBLOX uses. It still counts as proper.


This tent pole and stakes also have proper wood grain. While it is kind of a given that it will use proper wood grain since it is made with cylinders and cylinders almost always have proper wood grain, people still surprise me some times.


And next up on the New Year Streak of Good Wood Grain is this fire pit and the surrounding log benches. This time the wood grain is made with meshes. I’m not sure if these are ROBLOX made or user made, but either way the wood grain checks out.


Unfortunately, that is where the 2017 Streak of Good Wood Grain ends. Maybe 2018 will have a longer streak. So what broke the streak? The wooden planks on the outline of this leader board. On the bottom of the outline, the top face of the planks goes front to back instead of the correct side to side like the front face. And for the side supports, the grain should be vertical to simulate actual boards support the top instead of a bunch of small wooden blocks stacked on each other.


Moving closer to the spawn area, I visited the smithey, who buys your ores and dirt. One item he had was this sharpener wheel, to sharpen pickaxes and axes. A bunch of the parts on it had improper wood grain, mainly the supports that had horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain.


Speaking of horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain, the sign post on this sign suffers from the same issues and will easily snap in a strong winter breeze.


And, while a sign snapping may not be too bad, this fence with bad wood grain on the posts and actual fence pieces is very bad. While a falling sign may give someone a strong hit on the head, falling through this fence and falling off the cliff it is protecting would be very, very bad.


But that is all of the wood grain outside. Lets take a look at the inside of the shop now. Surprisingly, the chairs in it have proper wood grain on the chair legs. The back of the chair had improper wood grain and the chair legs probably only had proper wood grain because they were made with cylinders, but small victories for now.


But there was one last piece of improper wood grain here, the table legs. They were not a cylinder, and were made improperly as a result.


So, 2017 didn’t get off to the start I hoped for. What I expected, sure. But not what I had hoped for. I know The Quarry is an ageing game basically on life support while The Quarry II is in development, but I still think that it should have proper wood grain while it finishes its days before it kicks the bucket. To be honest, most of the bad wood grain would take 15 minutes tops to fix, assuming no oddness due to the anchored bricks having welds or something. And while 15 minutes may seem like a lot of time to spend to fix the wood grain, in a game that requires hours of work to just advance a level is asking the creator for 15 minutes to fix such a major visual issue too much? I don’t think so.

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