Ice Cream Day- Ice Cream Parlor Tycoon

Hello ice cream lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and apparently today is the fake, made up holiday known as #NationalIceCreamDay. You can tell it is a real holiday because it only exists as a hashtag. So as someone who feels obliged to make a blog post on this very normal day, today I am taking a look at Ice Cream Parlor Tycoon by Zathara.


Now, I’m sure some of you are curious as to how good a regular old tycoon can be. And I am sure some of you are curious if the offset of the driveway is any indication of the quality of this tycoon. I can’t say.

I can say, however, that the wood fence posts are an indication of the game quality, and it indicates that the game is very poorly made.


Now, I’m sure some of you are curious about how the legs are on the chairs in the background, since most games have issues with chair legs. I am glad to say, the chair legs did have proper wood grain.


…Granted that is because the chair legs lacked wood grain all together, but small victories.

The game seemed to do that in several areas, not using wood grain in some areas, like on these shelves.


But then using in on these chairs for no apparent reason, despite the fact they looked silly.


Also the wood grain here is incorrect.

And then going back and using wood grain on its vehicles. And not just using it, but using it in a way that every piece of wood on this truck was incorrect somehow. I seriously have no clue what was going on with it.


But that was it. Again, it was a pretty small tycoon, not much to see here really. Well, aside from the bad wood grain on most of the models. I mean, because of the chair legs being not incorrect, the game wasn’t quite EBR quality, but it was still up there with what Asimo does.

And that quality is not good.


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